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    Total Required Graduate Credits: 60

    Committee Requirements

    During (or upon the completion of) the first semester of this degree, the student will:

    • Complete and sign the MFA Graduate Student Code contract.
    • Nominate an MFA Supervisory Committee of at least three members (one from outside of the Theatre Design area) and submit the list of members to the Department Head for approval.
    • Submit the Department Head approved Committee to the Graduate School for approval.
    • Schedule a Supervisory Committee meeting.
    • Develop a 3-year Program of Study with the approval of the Supervisory Committee.

    Prior to graduation, the student will:

    • Complete all courses and requirements as determined by the Supervisory Committee.
    • Earn successful MFA Continuance Evaluation ratings.
    • Successfully complete an MFA Plan-B Defense process with the Supervisory Committee.

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