Spring Semester Shows: The Moors, Getting Near to Baby, 9 to 5 The Musical

  • General Auditions will be held in the Black Box Theatre (FAC 224) on November 4 from 5:00 – 6:30 pm.
  • Sign up for an audition time on the call board in the theatre department, opposite the Morgan Theatre stage door. Sign up for the first available slot – do not leave gaps between audition times.
  • Call backs will be Saturday, November 6th.
  • Be sure you have read the scripts.
  • Read the Audition information sheet
  • You must be available to attend all rehearsals and performances. Rehearsals are Monday-Friday evenings and a 3 hour slot on most Saturdays.
    • The Moors: Rehearsals January 10 – February 10 / Performances February 11, 12 (matinee & evening), and February 15-18
    • Getting Near to Baby: Rehearsals January 24 – March 1 / Performances March 2-4 (10 am invited school performance and 7:00 pm public performance)
    • 9 to 5: Rehearsals March 6 – April 14 / Performances April 15, 16 (matinee & evening), and April 20-23

General Audition Information

  • 16 bars of a song in-the-style-of 9 to 5 the Musical. Singing is optional. To be considered for 9 to 5 the Musical actors will need to sing.
  • Two contrasting monologues 60-75 seconds each (please, please, no longer); 20-21st century writing, no dialect necessary.
  • Whole package including walking in, discussion with the accompanist, getting set, slating, doing the two pieces with moments of transition, thank you, and exit – 5 minutes maximum.
  • Presentation of pieces can be in any order after the slate.

Monologue Info from Directors

  • The Moors – One of the two should be a serio-comic monologue, from anything from Chekov to now. I don’t want to limit to certain playwrights, but Sarah Ruhl and Lauren Gunderson would be good places to start.
  • Getting Near to Baby – Monologues should feature realistic, colloquial, mid/late-20th century speech. Monologues featuring younger characters are welcome (but not required). The play includes five characters between ages 7-13. Suggested playwrights: Y. York, Karen Zacarías, Barry Kornhauser, Suzan Zeder, José Casas, Ernie Nolan, Laurie Brooks, Idris Goodwin, Larissa FastHorse, Steven Dietz, Joseph Robinette.
  • 9 to 5 – Monologue material that is comic, light, absolutely modern, and of course, 16-bars of a number in the style of 9 to 5 the Musical. I'm looking for comedy of course :) And more importantly - singing

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