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Caine College of the Arts Scholarship Application

The application period for CCA Scholarships is now open. Applications will be accepted until March 29, 2021. 

Caine College of the Arts Scholarships are open for all majors in the College. Students who wish to be considered for a CCA scholarship, should complete the required form and any additional steps required by their particular department during the application period. All required steps must be completed to be considered.

This application process does not cover central Utah State University scholarships. If you want to be considered for those scholarships, please visit the USU Scholarships website and fill out the required application.

Please be aware that a very small number of CCA scholarships require a separate application. Those scholarships include the Caine Scholars for Excellence Award and the Caine College Ambassadors Award.

If you have questions, please contact the Caine College of the Arts office directly by calling (435) 797-7985 or sending an email to Emily Nelson.