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Caine College of the Arts Scholarship Application

Caine College of the Arts Scholarships are open for all majors in the College. Students who wish to be considered for a CCA scholarship, should complete the required form and any additional steps required by their particular department (outlined on this page). All required steps must be completed to be considered.

This application process does not cover central Utah State University scholarships. If you want to be considered for those scholarships, please visit the USU Scholarships website and fill out the required application.

Please be aware that a very small number of CCA scholarships require a separate application. Those scholarships include the Caine Scholars for Excellent Award and the Caine College Ambassadors Award.

If you have questions, please contact the Caine College of the Arts office directly by calling (435) 797-7985 or sending an email to Emily Nelson.

Required Application Form

Art & Design Majors

If you are an Art & Design major, please answer the following questions.

Have you gone through the portfolio review and been accepted as a BS Art + Design major?

Have you been accepted into the BID or BFA program?

Music Majors

If you are a Music major, please answer the following question.

Theatre Arts Majors

If you are a Theatre Arts major, please answer the following question.

Other Majors

If you are pursuing another major, please select your expected degree.

Additional Financial Need

The Caine College of the Arts uses the USU Need Index to evaluate financial need.  If you believe your financial need may not be accurately reflected with that index, please make us aware of any special circumstances that would affect your financial need in the field below.

Inner City

Do you consider yourself to be a person who grew up in an inner-city environment, defined as the usually lower-income, and more densely populated section of a city?

If you answered yes to growing up in an inner-city environment, please indicate the city and state in which you lived.

Privacy Notice


Please note that additional student data available in Banner (e.g. GPA, USU Need, etc.) may be considered based on scholarship requirements.

Art + Design Additional Requirements

Art & Design applicants must also upload a digital portfolio in order to be considered. You should include 12 digital images 1080 x 1080, 1080 x 720, or 1080 in the longest dimension @ 72 dpi.

Art + Design scholarship applications are due March 26 by 11:59 pm.

  1. Combine your 12 digital images into one .pdf file
  2. Name your file with your A-number (e.g. A00000000.pdf)
  3. Upload using the Box widget on this page
  4. Add a description (optional)
  5. Include the email address you used in the Application Form


Music Additional Requirements

Auditions are required to be considered for a Music scholarship. Instructions on  auditions can be found on the Music Department website.

Theatre Arts Additional Requirements

No additional steps are required to be considered for a Theatre Arts scholarship.