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Differential Tuition Guidelines

Differential Tuition / Visiting Artist & Scholars Series Proposals

Funding Criteria Info:

Differential Tuition proposals are reviewed by the CCA Differential Tuition Advisory Committee, who then make recommendations to the Dean for final funding decisions.  

Please note!  All proposals must be signed by department heads before being delivered to the CCA Dean's Office for submission.  Any questions can be directed to Associate Dean Richard Walker (


Successful Proposals will:

  • Align with the mission of the college and/or department.
  • Enhance the student experience.
  • Imrove visibility of the colleg and/or departments.
  • Benefit students in multiple programs.
  • Leverage funding from other sources.
  • Be unlikely to be fully funded from state or student government resources.

Proposals Must Include:

  • A completed cover sheet.
  • A one-page summary of the proposed project that explains how it meets aforementioned funding criteria.
  • A one-page budget.

View Differential Tuition RFP

2021-22 Deadline for Visiting Artist Proposals:  October 26, 2020.
2021-22 Deadline for Differential Tuition Proposals:  November 2, 2020. 

Those wishing to submit a proposal should check with department offices for possible earlier deadlines that allow department head review.

Student Travel Funding

Students in the Caine College of the Arts may apply for travel funding though differenial tuition at any time during the academic year.  These funds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Apply for Student Travel Funding


Matching Funds

Students may also apply for matching funding for URCO (undergraduate research and creative opportunity) grants, based on deadlines from the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.  

Apply for Matching Funding