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Seat Campaign

50th Anniversary

On October 18, 1967, the arts in Cache Valley entered a new era with the dedication of the Daryl Chase Fine Arts Center at Utah State University. On October 18, 2017, we began a new chapter  as we celebrated the renovation and enhancement of the Chase Fine Arts Center and introduced Cache Valley to the newly transformed Newel and Jean Daines Concert Hall.

Name a Seat

Name a seat for yourself or honor someone special-- a parent, child, a favorite professor, or in memory of a loved one. The name will be engraved on a plate on the arm of your selected seat.

Seat prices range from $250 to $1,500, with a special $100 section for current USU students (USU students should visit the CCA Box Office in person to purchase seats). USU employees may purchase seats through payroll deduction for up to 24 months, and seats may also be purchased on a 3- 6- or 12-month payment plan with a credit or debit card.


Your Donation Will Benefit the Students

Unlike most seat campaigns, your donation will not go toward the building project; rather, all proceeds  will be used to establish an endowment to support the students and programs of the Caine College of the Arts. Utah State University is a 501(c)3 corporation, and your donation may be tax deductible (please seek the advice of your financial consultant).

For questions, please contact Emily Nelson, 435-797-7985.

Please note that naming a seat does not imply ownership of that seat.  Other than specified events, you are not guaranteed to be seated in the named seat when attending performances in the Daines Concert Hall, and purchase of event tickets is still required.

Seat Campaign Donors

Through the generosity of these individuals who purchased seats in the Daines Concert Hall,
the Caine College of the Arts is pleased to establish the CCA Daines Program Endowment Fund,
which will benefit students and programs in the college in perpetuity. 
Listed below are the donors and the names placed on their seats.

- Scott & Elizabeth Nielsen Family
- C.J. & Kimberly Roberts Family

A.C. Woman's Club

- A.C. Woman's Club

American Festival Chorus & Orchestra
- In Memory-- Matt Hillyard
AFCO's Biggest Fan!

Blythe & Anne T. Ahlstrom
- C. Blythe Ahlstrom 
- Anne T. Ahlstrom 

Adrienne Akers
- Celia Przydryga Lukaszewski

Weston & Cara Allen
- Weston and Cara Allen

Chris Allison
- Chris Allison
- Jane Allison

Sara Allred
- Dean & Susan Madsen

Linda Alsop
- Carleen Gleave
In Memory of My Sister

Doug & Kathy Anderson
- Douglas D. & Katherine C.

Gary & Sheryl Anderson
- Gary Anderson
- Sheryl Anderson

Sara Anderson
- Marvin Fifield

Gaylen & Elaine Ashcroft
- Elaine T. Ashcroft
- Gaylen L. Ashcroft

Karla & Bruce Axtell
-Bruce Axtell
- Karla Axtell

Jeremy & Natalie Baer
- Jeremy and Natalie Baer

Shari Badger
- Shari Badger

Carolyn Baker

- Marriner & LeVirl Brown
Honored Love & Support

Justin & Alli Barton
- Justin and Alli Barton

Lorraine Barton
- Wilford & Marjorie

Anne Francis Bayless & Brant Bayless
- The Bayless Family
In honor of Manon Russell
-The Bayless Family
In honor of Dan Russell

Abby Benninghoff
- In memory of my mother
Linda Trumpf Benninghoff

Cheryl Benson
- John Warder Schoonmaker

Lars & Janet Bergeson
- Lars Bergeson
- Janet Radford Bergeson

Frederick & Candace Berthrong
- Berthrong Family
- Candace Howes Berthrong
- Howes Family

Gail Bingham
- Gayla M. Johnson

Jay & Leslie Black
- Jay Black
- Leslie Black
- Music enlightens my soul,
Leslie W. Black

Janis Boettinger & Eugene Schupp
- In Memory of Willford R. Gardner

Cynthia Bowers
- Ann P. Schoonmaker

Steve & Janet Broadbent
-Steven R. Broadbent
- Janet Broadbent

Leslie Brott
- Leslie Brott
Theatre Arts

Brenda Brunello
- In Memory of Wuanita Brunello
- In Memory of Frank Brunello

Bryan & Carrie Buchanan
- Jerry W. and Barbara Buchanan

Scott & Lisa Budge
- Scott Ezra Budge
- Lisa Hales Budge

Reed Bullen
- Reed and Kathryn Bullen Family
- Reed and Kathryn Bullen Family

Cathy Bullock
- Aline and Carl Bullock/ Betty and Ray Ferrand

Larry & Helen Cannon
- Larry Cannon
- Helen Cannon

Zoe Cardon
- Guy N. Cardon

Joel & Claire Cardon
- Joyce J. Cardon

Rebecca Charlton
- Robert Charlton
In Memoriam
- Linda Charlton
50th Anniversary

Tim Chenette & Sara Bakker
- Carlo Gesualdo di Venosa
- György Ligeti
- Rose
- Miriam

Dee R. & Bonnie Child
- Bonnie Glen Child

Jennifer Clark
- Ralph Tracy "RT" Clark
Professor 1963-1991 
- Marilyn "Chris"
Christensen Clark

Angeline Clayson
- Rodney & Patrice Pack

Noelle & John Cockett
- Chantelle Cockett
- Dylan Cockett

Eric & Sandy Collins
- Eric & Sandy Collins

Debbie & James Cook
- Julie Ann Cook
- Julie Ann Cook
- Neil W. & LaNae H. Morgan

David & Kathy Coppin
- David Coppin
- Kathy Coppin

Linda S. Daines
- Rachel McClain Daines
- William Peter Daines
- Ruth May Skidmore
- William Wallace Skidmore
- Linda Skidmore Daines
- Richard Frederick Daines 
- Katherine Daines Lindsay
- Jane Harper Daines
- Andrew George Skidmore Daines

Morgan & Anna Lisa Davidson
- Morgan and Anna Lisa
Davidson Family

Kent DeHart
- Myrtle S. DeHart
Beloved School Teacher
- Dr. William A. DeHart
Prof. of Sociology, USU

Steven de Hart
- Dr. Steven A. de Hart
USU Alumnus; Germanist
- Dr. William B. DeHart
USU Alumnus; Psychologist

Cindy Dewey
- In Honor of
Marge Neumayer

Nova Dubovik
- Dubovik Family

Debbie Ellis
- Debra D. Ellis
- Debbie Ellis
- Dean R. Ellis
- Evelyn H. Ellis
- Robert G. Ellis
- Harold W. Dance
- Ruth B. Dance

Chris & Christa Fawson
- Christa Fawson
- Chris Fawson


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Diane Fifield
- Diane Fifield
- Marvin Fifield

Marie Firth
- Ronald D Firth

Russ & Barbara Fjeldsted
- Russ & Barbara Fjeldsted
- Russ & Barbara Fjeldsted

Linda Fontenot
- George Eccles Caine
- Linda M. Fontenot

Bronte Forsgren
-  Don & Ruey Forsgren and
Keith & Guelda Clayson

Robert & Nancy Funk
- Nancy C. Funk
- Robert B. Funk

Dennis & Rebecca Funk
- Rebecca C. Funk
- C. Dennis Funk

Laura Gelfand & Andrew McAllister
- Laura Gelfand
- Andrew McAllister

Kristen Anderson
- Ron Godfrey
- Marie Godfrey

Josh Gossner
- Dana E. Gossner

James Gramoll
- John P. Thompson Jr.
- Gary Hansen
- Robert Gramoll
- Melza Beth Gramoll
- Sean Gramoll

Nancy Griffin
- Jessica Roderer

Nathan & Ashley Gunnell
- Ashley & Nathan Gunnell
Class of 2018

Bruce & Casey Gunnell
- Bruce & Casey Gunnell

Marilyn Gutke
- Marilyn Gutke
- Jones Family
- Jones Family

Patricia & Willie Halaufia
- Patty Halaufia
- Willie Halaufia

Arlen Hansen
- Ted L. Hansen
- Lenis C. Hansen

Emily Harris
- Judy Worthen Lloyd

Gary & Jolene Harris
- Gary & Jolene Harris 
- Gary & Jolene Harris 
- Gary & Jolene Harris 

Lee & Barbara Hawkes
- E. Lee & Barbara B. Hawkes

Maureen Hearns
- Sparky, Moe, & Dr. Hearns
USU Music Therapy Program

Mary & Art Heers
- Mary Heers
- Art Heers

Mary Jo Helmeke
- In Honor of Dr. Craig Jessop
From Sun Valley Opera

Marshall Hill
- Marshall A. Hill for
Michael and Lyn Bankhead
- Marshall A. Hill
Music Student 1966-1969
- Marshall A. Hill for
Bill & Phyllis Ramsey
- Marshall A. Hill
Music Faculty 1978-1983

Lyle & Alice Hillyard
- Lyle & Alice Hillyard

Dennis & Brooke Hirst
- R. Dennis Hirst
- Brooke Hirst

Noel & Patricia Holmgren
- Arthur Holmgren 
- Doris Holmgren
- Dennis A. Holmgren

Larry Houtz
- In Memory of
Robert & Helen Houtz

Lynda Howes
- Professor Cathy Bullock
Westminster Bell Choir

Kelly & Nina Hubbard
- Kelly W. Hubbard
- Nina Jorgensen Hubbard
- Hayden Garff Hubbard
- Erika Hubbard
- Ellie Hubbard 
- Jane Hubbard

Chris & Nathan Hult
- Nathan Hult
- Christine Hult

Fred & Sharon Hunsaker
- Sharon W. Hunsaker
- Fred R. Hunsaker

Joyce Kinkead & David Lancy
- Joyce Kinkead
- David Lancy

Paul Jakus & Flora Shrode
- Deadheads
- Phish Phans

Von & Elaine Jarrett
- Von Jarrett Family

Miles & Janet Jensen
- Jeff C. Jensen
- Kevin S. Jensen
- Miles P. Jensen
- Benajmin P. Jensen 
- Janet K. Jensen

Craig & RaNae Jessop
- Don Jessop
- Dortha Jessop

Mont & Yvonne Jessop
- Mont & Yvonne Jessop
- Mont & Yvonne Jessop 

Ann & Bruce Johns 
- Ann N. Johns
- Bruce R. Johns

Bailee Jones
- Darren & Heather Jones

Richard Jones, William & Lila C. Jones
- Remembering-- Wm. L. Jones
Musician and Teacher

Andrea Jorgensen
- Andi Jorgensen 
AFC Member Since 2008

Alfred W. & Karen Koch
- Walter & Marie Koch
- Alfred & Karen Koch
- Stephen & Vivian Bower

Ben LeVere
-  Ben LeVere
- Ben LeVere
- Adrienne Larson
- Adriene Larson 

Jim & Carol Laub
 - Jim Laub
- Jim Laub
- Carol Laub
- Carol Laub 

Douglas & Alice Lemon
- Francis Heber Baugh III
Bernice Ann C. Baugh 
- Alice Mae Baugh Lemon
Douglas Karl Lemon 

Aaron Lichfield
- Lew May

Jeff & Noelle Loosli
- Jay R. Baugh 
- Kathleen M. Baugh 
- Noelle B. Loosli
- Jeffrey D. Loosli

Jared Luther
- Tia Bay Luther 

Carl & Jeri Malouf
- Jerolyn Malouf  '62
- Carl E. Malouf  '61
- In Memory of
Robert F. Malouf  '75

Kristen Maughan
- Allen and Kay Kartchner 

Cindy Maw
- Glen and Cindy Maw

Bernice McCowin
- Ty & Bernice McCowin

Melanie McGregor
- Melanie N. McGregor-- 1982
Ali - Paige - Wil McGregor
- Melanie N. McGregor-- 1982
Ali - Paige - Wil McGregor

Lynne McNeill & Steven VanGeem
- Lynne S. McNeill
- Stephen G. VanGeem

Rebecca Mikkelsen
- Rebecca, Lilly & Fiona

Dale & Kathy Mildenberger
- Kathy Mildenberger
- Dale Mildenberger

Kathryn Monson
- Kathryn A. Monson
Since I can't fly-- I sing!

Adrianne & Marty Moore

- Marty Moore
- Adrianne Moore

Nicholas Morrison & Leslie Timmons
- Mark A. Frink
- Harriet A. Frink
- Jerry Gilbert Morrison, Jr.
- Yvonne Dacovich Morrison
- In Memory of Marjorie C. Gardner

Thomas Morse
- Tommy Morse

Eliza Nelson
- MaryAnn Warren Nelson

Rebecca Nelson
- Max and Betty Dalby
USU Music Education 1957-2004

Elizabeth Nielson
- Elizabeth Nielson

Jeanette Nielsen
- Adam Reed Nielsen

Heather Oar
- Phil Kesler
- Heidi Kesler

Jill Ochsenbein
- Savanna Kaye Petersen
Beloved Niece

David & Michelle Oliver
- David S. and M. Michelle Oliver

Herm & Norma Olsen
- Norma Olsen

Elaine & Scott Olson
- Elaine and Scott Olson

Kevin Olson
- Dr. Kevin Olson

Grayson & Janet Osborne
- Janet & Grayson Osborne
- Lisa & Stephen Osborne

Ann Papworth
- Ann Schoonmaker Papworth

Ronald Payne
- Ron & Mary Payne
- Ron & Mary Payne

David & Terry Peak
- Terry Peak
- David Peak

Ross & M. Kay Peterson
- Mary Kay Peterson
- F. Ross Peterson

Spence & Melanie Raymond
- A. Spencer Raymond
- Melanie P. Raymond

Gary & Fran Richardson
- Gary H. Richardson
- Frances S. Richardson

Ryan & Emily Rigby
- Dr. Ryan & Emily Rigby

Danny & Sally Russell
- Addy Russell
- Ian Russell

Sarah Salzberg
- Rebecca Salzberg

Matt & Keri Shoemaker
- Matthew C. Shoemaker
- Matthew C. Shoemaker 
- Keri L. Shoemaker
- Keri L. Shoemaker

Janis Siggard
- Derral L. Siggard

Bonnie & Larry Slade
- Bonnie Horrigan Slade
- Larry M. Slade

Braden Smart
- Jeff & Stacy Smart Family
In Memory of Janis Smart

Kenneth & Geraldine Sorensen
- Geraldine Sorensen
- Kenneth O. Sorensen

John Sparano & Anne Mooney
- Sparano+Mooney Architects

KC & Emily Smurthwaite
- KC & Emily Smurthwaite

Jason Spelbring
- Jason Michael Spelbring
Department of Theatre Arts

Gary Straquadine
-Anthony Straquadine
-Mary E. Straquadine

Randall & Julianne Stockham
- Randall Stockham, M.D.
- Julianne Stockham

Carol & William Strong
- Carol Strong
- William Strong

Brady Stuart
- Brady and Madison Stuart
E. Marvin Olsen

Paula Stucki
- In Memory of Leon G. & Faye Sonne Stucki
- In Memory of Leon G. & Faye Sonne Stucki
- In Memory of Alma Sonne
- In Memory of Alma Sonne

Jason Swasey
- Lana Hillman Swasey

Elizabeth Taggart
- Trisha Elaine Taggart
- William Glen Taggart 

Jessica & Morgan Talbot
- Jessica and Morgan Talbot

Jeneile Tams
- Jeneile Tams
- Dr. Alvin and Beth Wardle

Julie & Jesse Terrill
- Julie Hollist Terrill
- Jesse J. Terrill

Chris & Diane Terry
- Diane G. Terry
- Diane G. Terry
- Christopher T. Terry
- Christopher T. Terry

Melissa Thomas
- Ali Grace Thomas
Never give up on your Art

Peggy Tueller
- Remembering Carolyn Tueller Lewis

USU Interior Design
- USU Interior Design Students
- Martha Jenkins Rose

Shon Vella
- Cheryl Kellene Vella
- Shon Vella
- Darsie Lynn Vella

David Wall
- Fr. Dougal McGuire
- F. Ted Crilly

Walker Children
- Dave and Dixie Walker

Ryan Warburton
- Megan Warburton

Ned & Gail Bird Weinshenker
- Ned M. Weinshenker
- Gail Bird Weinshenker

Randy Wellbaum
- Randy Wellbaum 
Music:  Choral Education
- Cait Salinas Wellbaum 
Fore Dad

Letha Winger
- In honor of
Gloria & B Vadier Mumford

Roy & Beverly Wise
- Beverly G. Wise
- Roy L. Wise

Ardeshir Zahedi
- Ambassador Ardeshir Zahedi