Scholarship Opportunities

CCA proudly supports more than 50% of its students with scholarships.

General Scholarships (All CCA Majors)

Caine College of the Arts General Scholarships are open for all majors in the College. University wide scholarships open November 1. To apply, please visit the USU Scholarships site.

  • A. Spencer & Melanie Raymond Aggie Family Scholarship
  • Caine Scholars for Excellence
  • Caine College Ambassadors
  • Caine College of the Arts Advancement Council Scholarship
  • Caine Ensembles Scholarship
  • Dell Loy Hansen Opportunity Scholarship
  • Hansen Entrepreneur Support Scholarship
  • Jed H. & MerLynn Pitcher Aggie Family Scholarship
  • Jed H. & MerLynn Pitcher Scholarship
  • Jed H. & MerLynn Sallie Mae Scholarship
  • Jeffery & Noelle Loosli Aggie Family Scholarship
  • Joyce V. Albrecht Scholarship
  • Kristopher Jude King Memorial Scholarship
  • LaMar R. & Gwen T. Monroe Scholarship
  • Ned & Gail Weinshenker Scholarship
  • Perkins Scholarship
  • Seely-Hinckley Scholarship
  • Valley Players Theatre Scholarship
  • Caine College of the Arts Staff Scholarship
  • Caine Graduate Scholars for Excellence
  • Hansen Graduate Scholarship

General Scholarships

  • 2023-2024 Award Period

    Application window for CCA scholarships will be open from January 1 - March 28, 2024. The only exception is for the Caine Scholar Scholarship which will close on March 14, 2024.

    Students are strongly encouraged to apply for finanical aid by completing a 2023-24 FAFSA application prior to the close of scholarship applications. The majority of CCA scholarships require the applicant to show financial need. Financial need must be shown through a FAFSA application and be on record at the university. The process can often take a week or two, so please apply early.


    If you have questions, please contact the Caine College of the Arts office directly by calling (435) 797-7985 or sending an email to Karina Moser.

Departmental Scholarships (Major-Specific)

Theatre Arts Scholarship List

  • Anne Kennedy Roskelley Memorial Scholarship
  • David E. Daley & Leona E. Daley Theatre Arts Scholarship
  • Floyd T. Morgan Theatre Arts Honorary Scholarship
  • George B. & Marie Eccles Caine Theatre Arts Scholarship
  • Gwendella Thornley Memorial Scholarship
  • Josey Barnes Wayman Theatre Arts Scholarship
  • Leonard C. & Dorothy C. Kearl Scholarship in Theatre Arts
  • Sid Perkes Scholarship
  • Orpha Faylor Scholarship
  • Robert & LaRae Williams Scholarship
  • Ruth B. Call Memorial Scholarship
  • Vosco Call Scholarship
  • Bob & Kathy Bayn Music & Theatre Arts
  • F. Mitchell Dana Scholarship for Theatre Design & Technology

Art + Design Scholarship List

  • Ahmanson Art Education Scholarship
  • Alumni Scholarship for Excellence in Design
  • Arthur & Diana Norris Scholarship in Ceramics
  • Victor & Dorothy Dover Endowed Scholarship
  • Caleb Anderson NYC Internship Opportunity
  • Charis Legacy Foundation Scholarship
  • Craig Law Scholarship in Photography
  • Calvin Fletcher Scholarship
  • Ellen Stoddard Eccles Scholarship
  • George B. & Marie Eccles Caine Art Scholarship
  • Harrison & Iva Lou Groutage Memorial Scholarship
  • Jon Morgan Scholarship
  • Karin Waring Crawford Scholarship in Interior Design
  • KP Andreasen Scholarship for Graphic Design
  • Larry Elsner Scholarship
  • Laverna Faylor Hulme Scholarship
  • Leola Faylor Bate Scholarship
  • Marion R. Hyde Family Endowed Art Scholarship
  • Marion R. Hyde Graduate Scholarship
  • Mary Jane Faylor Scholarship
  • Nona D. Fuhriman & A. Wendell Fuhriman Scholarship
  • Noni Eccles Harrison Fellowship
  • Orpha Faylor Scholarship
  • Patricia P. & Morley Farquar Scholarship
  • R.T. Clark Photography Scholarship
  • Susan Grey Blue Sky Scholarship
  • Sandra Charlson Scholarship
  • Tess Swindell Memorial Scholarship
  • Thelma Faylor Allison Scholarship
  • Colleen H. Bradford Graduate Scholarship
  • Julie Webber Larson & Megan Larson McCleary Scholarship

Music Scholarship List

  • Anne Duffin Scholarship in Music
  • Beecher Piano Scholars
  • Carolyn Tueller Lewis Opera Theatre Award
  • Chauntel S. and Robert C. Pettit Scholarship
  • Donna B. Gossner Scholarship
  • Dennis and Anne B. Griffin Scholarship
  • Robert & Lydia R. Paulsen Music Scholarship
  • Frank Blair & Minnie Fisher Ellsworth Scholarship
  • George A. & Ivalou Lawrence Scholarship in Music
  • George B. Pahtz Symphony Orchestra Scholarship
  • Helen Bullen Scholarship
  • Horrigan Foundation Scholarship
  • Janet Olsen & Jeanne Kemp Olsen Memorial Scholarship
  • Jim & Linda Kemp USU Symphony Orchestra Scholarship
  • Linda K. & Gary Bradak Scholarship
  • Lynn Thomas Organ Studies Scholarship
  • Mabel Ellsworth Muller Memorial Scholarship
  • Max Dalby Scholarship
  • Nancy Peery Marriott & Dr. Criag Jessop Scholarship
  • Parley Belnap Organ Studies Endowment
  • Paulette J. Campbell Organ Program Scholarship
  • Peak River Company Scholars
  • Presser Fellowship
  • Richard Elliott Organ Studies Scholarship
  • Robert S. Frost Scholarship
  • Russell Miles Warren Memorial Scholarship
  • Russell Orchestra Scholarship
  • Russell T. Christensen Memorial Scholarship
  • Ruth L. Garff and Woodrow M. Rigby Scholarship
  • Sarah Loosle Heggie Scholarship
  • Shirley Miller Hanson Scholarship in Music
  • Smiley Amano Piano Scholarship
    LaMar R. & Gwen T. Monroe Scholarship
  • Amy Hansen Atkinson Master of Music in Choral Conducting
  • Dr. Luke Bass Voice
  • Francis Family String Scholarship
  • Fry Street String Scholarship
  • Dr. Wilford R. & Marjorie C. Gardner Scholarship
  • Norman Palmer & Myra Singer Scholarship for Bass Horn
  • Maria Luisa Peverini Scholarship for Music Therapy
  • Albert & Frances Lewis & Virginia Lewis Ratliff
  • Larry Smith Jazz Scholarship
  • Harold Stuart Organ Scholarship
  • Sharen A. Welsh Scholarship
  • Merilyn Hovey Wright Music Therapy Scholarship
  • Linda Daines Excellence in Music
  • Marilyn Rusty Miller Scholarship for Choral Arts