Faculty & Staff Travel FAQs

Where do I start?

Once you know where you are going, and the dates you will be traveling, you can submit your Travel Authorization. Log into ServiceNow, select the Travel Dashboard, then follow these steps:

  1. Select "New Travel Authorization"
  2. Fill in lines with red asterisks* (skip the rest)
  3. In the comments section, describe your funding sources (you may attach emails, awards, etc., as applicable)
  4. Submit
  5. Watch for traveler review email. Follow instructions to review and approve.

How do I get my money?

Your Travel Authorization (TA) gives you approval to travel as a representative of the university, but it DOES NOT issue any reimbursements. In order to receive travel funds, you must initiate a Travel Reimbursement (TR) Log into ServiceNow, and select the Travel Dashboard, then follow these steps:

  1. Select "New Travel Reimbursement"
  2. Fill in lines with red asterisks*
  3. Update reimbursement fields as necessary
  4. Attach receipts
  5. Submit
  6. Watch for traveler review email. Follow instructions to review and approve.

Travel Authorization Form Tips

  • Focus on red asterisk lines-- ignore all others except comments.
  • Put the name of your conference or presentation for "Description."
  • If you will be taking students, mark "Student Travelers" AND check "Group Travel," then attach list of all students with their A Numbers.  Students will only need individual TAs if they will be receiving individual reimbursements.
  • Click the calendar icon for Departure and Return Date (don't try typing in the date).
  • If you are filling out a TA for a visiting clinician/guest artist, Destination city should be Logan, UT.
  • Type city name and wait for lists to auto populate, only partial lists will pull up at times, and if so, click on "1 through 28 of 55," get error message, delete last letter of town and retype it-- don't hit Enter or Return.
  • Alternatively, search for city name in Name field.  Enter city name and hit Enter or Return.  If it says more than "All" by the funnel icon, click on All so it searches by All. Note: you must select 'yes' for international destinations before adding the name of an international city as either your departure or arrival.
  • Mark travel options that you expect to be reimbursed for, but amounts aren't necessary unless you already have receipts.
  • You may attach receipts to TAs, but you don't have to.  Any receipts you attach to TAs will automatically be attached to the TRs (but you won't see them until you save or submit the TR).

Search For Travel Authorization/Reimbursement

  1. In the Travel Dashboard, click on the Search icon in the top menu.
  2. Click either Find Travel Authorization or Find Travel Reimbursements.
  3. Enter your name or your A Number.
  4. Click the blue "Submit" button at the bottom right; just hitting Enter or Return will NOT populate seach results.
  5. You can see the status of your TA/TR in the green pathway near the top.

Save A Travel Authorization/Reimbursement

You can save a TA or TR prior to submitting it.

  1. Click "Save."
  2. To resume from Travel Dashboard, click "Resume Travel Authorizations" or "Resume Travel Reimbursements."
  3. NOTE: Saved TA/TRs are NOT submitted and will not be processed.  If you haven't seen an approval in a timely manner, ensure you didn't accidentally save your form instead of submitting it.

Traveling To/From SLC Airport

Prices/costs quoted are current April 2020.

  • Mileage to SLC airport from USU is established at 172 miles RT; $86.00, ($0.50/mile).
  • USU Motorpool offers rentals for USU employees and students with estimates from $54-$100 roundtrip (sedan-minivan) roundtrip plus fuel. A daily rate is assessed until the car is returned (this excludes weekends). Charter/mini buses can also be rented to transport large groups at $50-$69/hour with driver standby time billed at $15/hour.
  • One-way Enterprise Retals to/from airport are available via USU corporate contract direct billed to funding accounts from $39-$55 each way (this can save parking fees, and can be a cost-effective alternative over a shuttle for multiple passengers).
  • Salt Lake Express is available from Logan to SLC from $19-$40 per person each way.  Please also include a tip for the driver. 

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