MFA Exhibition

March 24, 2021

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Connected Through Adoption | Sherry Ward

Sherry Ward's thesis project is about the connections observed within the family unit in regards to transracial adoption. Whether these connections are for better or worse, they are extremely important. Sherry wanted to observe how each member of the family unit interacted towards the children adopted within the walls of their own homes. Were they accepting of each other? How are these connections affecting their daily lives?

family sitting in living room

Spectrum | Kara Kellet

One rule taught in fine art is “don’t draw or paint what you think something looks like, draw what you actually see.” But what if you didn’t have something physical to look at? What if all you had to reference were memories and emotions? After reading more about the brain and how information is stored there, Kara wanted to break that rule and test her own memory. This show is a visual collection of her experiences as she remembers them, which visually forms a spectrum—of detail, color, shape, and emotion!

MFA Student Artwork