2020-2021 Student, Faculty, Staff, and Community Awards


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Tonight, we celebrate our many students, faculty, staff, donors, and community leaders who have transformed our artistic dreams into reality. Each group has actively committed its talent, passion, resources, and leadership to offer our pandemic world beautiful arts experiences with innovative art technologies streamed live on CCA Presents. Each of you has given us hope on every level!

Special thanks to:

  • Our students who have held fast to their pursuit of excellence in their art education.
  • Our faculty and staff who have worked behind the scenes to mentor and support our emerging artists in reaching their potential.
  • Our donors who have brought a plentitude of financial support in support of our students. 
  • And, our community that steadfastly supports, appreciates, and loves what we have to share!

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

Langston Hughes (1902-1967) | Jazz poet in the Harlem Renaissance

Wendi Hassan
Champion of the Arts
Wendi Hassan

Amber Archibald
Amber Archibald

Sara Bakker
Teacher of the Year
Sara Bakker

Art & Mary Heers
Distinguished Service
Art & Mary Heers

Undergraduate Student Awards

Aubrey Felty | Scholar of the Year

Aubrey Felty

Aubrey Felty is currently a junior at Utah State University majoring in Theatre Arts Education with a minor in Family and Human Development. Aubrey entered USU as a Caine Scholar and member of the Honors program in 2018. She has since received numerous scholarships and recognitions for academic achievements and artistic excellence. She is on the Dean's List and is a recipient of the 'A' Pin Award. During her time at USU, she has pursued various scholarly and artistic endeavors such as co-writing and implementing an original arts-integrated lesson, serving as a Peer Mentor for the Connections program, and assistant directing a USU mainstage Theatre for Young Audiences production. Aubrey has participated in undergraduate research that spans from pre-service theatre teaching to ethnodramatic devised theatre. Her current research is focused on the effects of community through arts education. Upon graduation, Aubrey plans on returning to her hometown in Texas, to pursue her passion to teach theatre in a secondary school.

Nicky Jamison Moore | Community Engaged Student

Nicky Jamison

Nicky Jamison Moore is a senior in the music department at Utah State University. She will graduate this spring with her bachelor of music in string performance and a certificate in interfaith leadership. Last semester, she completed her certificate practicum by reorganizing the Interfaith Student Association and will continue as the club president this semester. Nicky is passionate about helping people with different religious and ethical worldviews act together to better their community. When Nicky felt concerned with students' increased mental distress last year, she created 'Aggies Finding Peace,' a Facebook and Instagram page providing students opportunities to share their perspectives and connect with each other. She received a $500 award from the Interfaith Youth Core to fund advertisements for 'Aggies Finding Peace' and related events, including weekly Zoom meetings she hosted over winter break called 'Conversations for Coping.' Nicky plans to combine her love of music and interfaith work by someday establishing a summer music festival that teaches students how to connect with musicians and audiences of diverse backgrounds. In the meantime, she plans to continue her viola studies at graduate school while spending her free time reading wonderful books like 'Lord of the Rings' and with her husband Ethan.

Ryker Marble | USUSA Arts Senator

Ryker Marble

Ryker was born and raised in Tremonton, Utah. He is planning on graduating this spring, effectively wrapping up his five-year tenure at USU (he loved the arts college so much that four years just wouldn't cut it). Receiving a BS in Political Science, and a BFA in Graphic Design with a minor in Art History, he is excited to spend the next few years exploring career options. Following this personal odyssey, Ryker plans on continuing his education by going to grad school and will hopefully end up retiring at a decent age to take care of his flock of dogs. Over the past year, he has loved serving as the Caine College of the Arts Senator and has been inspired every day by the passion and creativity that every student brings to the college.

Jake Hogan | Undergraduate Researcher of the Year, Outstanding Senior from Theatre

Jake Hogan

Jake is a senior at USU, studying Theatre Education and English Teaching. They are excited to become an arts educator out in schools accomplishing meaningful work! They became interested in doing a devised theatre project after taking the Applied Theatre class from Professor Matt Omasta. Their initial LGBTQIA+ devised theatre project began in the Fall of 2018, was performed in the Fall of 2019, and an article about that work was recently accepted to be published by 'Critical Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies', under the title; "Performing the Lived Experiences of LGBTQIA+ Individuals from Religious Backgrounds". This research was presented at an undergraduate research presentation for the American Alliance for Theatre and Education in New York City, as USU's Student Research Symposium, Research on Capitol Hill, and the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research. In the summer and fall of 2020 Jake, and creative partner Aubrey Felty, created an original audio-immersive theatre piece centered on local legends titles: A Walk with the Remembered, which allowed participants to experience theatre as a self-guided COVID safe walking tour. Involvement in research and creative projects have helped Jake develop their skills as a future theatre educator and demonstrated how influential and important undergraduate research is.

Kirsten Barker | Undergraduate Teaching Fellow of the Year

Kirsten Barker

Kirsten will graduate from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Music Performance and a minor in Environmental Studies in May of 2021. During her time at USU, Kirsten has been able to participate in numerous opportunities, including the Caine Undergraduate Research Quartet, many undergraduate seminars, several summer festivals, and research events such as UCUR, NCUR, ROCH, and POH. She has also had the privilege of working with students throughout the university as both a Writing Fellow and an Undergraduate Teaching Fellow for a variety of courses. During the 2019-20 school year, Kirsten and USU alum Laurana Wheeler Roderer co-wrote the libretto for a chamber opera that they co-commissioned. The opera, titled A Storm We Call Progress, premiered virtually in October of 2020. Kirsten is currently working on the Honors Capstone, which will culminate in a lecture recital that reinterprets Ralph Vaughan Williams's A Lark Ascending through an environmentally nostalgic lens. She is looking forward to an uneventful summer with her violin, cat, and houseplants before she begins graduate studies in musicology this fall, where she hopes to combine her interests in music and environmental science.

Katelyn Bauer | Bill E Robins Memorial Award Nominee, Outstanding Senior from Music

Katelyn Bauer

Katelyn Bauer is from Layton, Utah, and is currently a senior in Music Performance at Utah State University. Katelyn began studying clarinet at age 11 with Cindy Child, where she received superior ratings at solo and ensemble festivals and played principal chair in All-State Band in her senior year. She began studying with Dr. Nicholas Morrison when she was accepted at Utah State and has studied with him for the last five years. Katelyn plays in the Utah State University's Wind Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, and Caine Woodwind Quintet, and has participated in the Caine Scholars for Excellence program for the last four years. Katelyn is also an Undergraduate Research Fellow and Undergraduate Writing Fellow and serves as the peer advisor for the Caine College of the Arts. In 2019, Katelyn was a winner of Utah State's concerto competition and performed the Mozart Clarinet Concerto, 1st movement. She has also performed at events such as the National Flute Convention and Utah Clarinet Festival. Katelyn is also a double major in the Interior Architecture and Design program in the Caine College of the Arts, which she was accepted into this year.

Reanna Cook | Legacy of Utah State Nominee

Reanna Cook

I chose to study Theatre Education because I believe that a positive educational experience has the power to change a student's perspective on learning and collaborating. Theatre provides the opportunity for interpersonal connection that transcends the boundaries of verbal or physical communication as they stand alone. With my degree, I want to show that the skills students learn when participating in the creation of drama work are not, in fact, 'soft skills', but are necessary for the formation of well-rounded, contributing citizens. My time at Utah State has been met with challenges that have led to the formation of a resilient, dedicated, and passionate theatre practitioner and academic. Between diagnoses of depression and an autoimmune condition, there have been times when I was not able to give my full attention to my studies. However, being a good educator means maintaining a reflective praxis, and, in turn, taking responsibility for your actions. The difficult semesters have taught me about my body, my limitations, my strengths, and my drive. I love theatre and education. My love for my craft drives me to improve myself as an educator and as a human being. I recognize that my progress has been occasionally tumultuous, but my returning to my education and the development of my craft shows determination to contribute to my field.

Cailin McGarry | Presser Award

Cailin McGarry

Cailin McGarry is an undergraduate student at Utah State University. She is currently pursuing a degree in music education emphasizing in band. She plays principal bassoon in the USU Wind Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, and the Caine Woodwind Quintet. Cailin is also a member of the Aggie Marching Band, where she plays alto saxophone. Outside of her studies, she works part-time with kids with disabilities. She is also the band equipment manager at USU and an Undergraduate Teaching Fellow for the Caine College of the Arts. Cailin volunteers with the band sorority, Tau Beta Sigma, an organization dedicated to serving the band program and cultivating an appreciation for the arts in our community. Teaching has always been a passion for Cailin. After her bachelor's, she hopes to teach music in K-12 schools and eventually earn a graduate degree in either musicology or music education. The Presser scholarship provides important support for Cailin's educational and career goals. She extends her gratitude to the Presser Foundation and their many supporters.

Sara Naylor | Talent of the Year from Art + Design

Sara Naylor

Sara Naylor is from Layton, Utah, and grew up loving to create in every medium. She is graduating from Utah State University this spring with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a studio emphasis in printmaking and a minor in psychology. Growing up, she had always been interested in art, and made the decision four years ago to pursue her artistic career goals and attend Utah State, where she fell in love with printmaking and made the decision to join the printmaking program. She is very grateful for all the opportunities that have been presented during her time at Utah State, including showing in two nationally recognized exhibitions, participating in the USU Printmaking Club as president, and becoming an Undergrad Teaching Fellow for Book Arts. Being a part of the fine arts program has provided her the space to expand her creative problem-solving skills as well as her artistic ability. After graduation, Sara hopes to be able to utilize her fine arts degree in a professional setting. She intends to use her psychology minor and skills that she has learned from the fine arts program to pursue a master's degree and eventual employment in art therapy.

Ian Parvin | Talent of the Year from Music

Ian Parvin

Ian Parvin is a fourth-year student at Utah State University pursuing both a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering. Ian began playing the viola at the age of 11, and was largely self-taught until he arrived at USU. His educational career has been a turbulent one, originally entering his freshman year as a mechanical engineering student, with the intention of minoring in music. He participated in the university's symphony orchestra as a non-major during his first semester. While in the ensemble, he became close to other string students in the program and also met Professor Ottesen. He was offered a spot in the string program, and decided to pursue two bachelor's degrees. During his time as a student in the Caine College of the Arts, Ian has had the opportunity to work with many prestigious artists including Roger Chase, Tim Deighton, Brant Bayless, and Daniel Sweaney. Ian also cares deeply about our planet and hopes to join the ongoing, critical work of finding solutions to our world's current environmental and ecological challenges. He believes that artists, and the way they are able to connect to their audiences, are a key component in achieving a more sustainable, just, and vibrant future.

Mollee Barse | Talent of the Year from Theatre

Mollee Barse

Mollee Barse lived a vagabond lifestyle most of her childhood, moving with her family all over the California coast. She eventually put down roots and attended the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts. While taking classes during the day Mollee was given the honor of working on many professional productions during her time at Conservatory. Such productions include, Beauty and the Beast, Freaky Friday, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Mamma Mia. This was where she made her choreographic debut while acting in Sondheims's A Little Night Music. Post-graduation she made her way to USU where she continued her training and appeared in such productions as Light Up the Sky, Lie of the Mind, Civics and Humanities: for Non-Majors, and She Kills Monsters. She also continued her choreography and assistant work while appearing in roles during Anna Karenina and Pericles. Mollee truly believes in the power and majesty of the art she creates, the deep inspection of the human condition, and beauty of the body in movement on stage. She is so humbled and honored to be recognized for doing what feels so natural: telling stories.

Jacee Hammons | Outstanding Senior from Art + Design

Jacee Hammons

As I've gone through my schooling at USU, I've discovered my real passions in life in several different aspects. My first passion that I discovered is my love for mountain bikes and dirt bikes. There is nothing like getting a good session in up in the mountains. My favorite spot to ride mountain bikes is at the Jackson Hole ski resort in Teton Village, Wyoming. The jump lines there are pure stoke, and the landscape is beautiful. The second passion I found that means the world to me is my awesome husband, Austin Stevens. He is rough, rugged, and tough and is completely supportive of me pursuing my dreams. I couldn't do any of this without him. I always knew that I wanted to do something creative. When I initially applied to USU I thought about doing something in fine arts, such as drawing, or painting, or graphic design. I've always had a natural talent with drawing and I felt that I needed to find a good application for those skills. The degree of Interior Architecture and Design stood out to me. I took the necessary classes and moved up in the ranks, and I felt that this degree was meant for me every step of the way. The professors in the program are amazing and were there to help me whenever I asked for it. They spent countless hours critiquing my work and pushing me to be my best, and have helped me get to where I am today. My real passion lies in Architecture, and I am proud of the work that I have accomplished so far. At Utah State University, I have found a passion for the design process as well as building design. Seeing my hard work pay off when the project comes together is what gets me excited about this profession, as well as the fact that I get to impact lives positively.

Jakob Tew | Outstanding Senior from Art + Design

Jakob Tew

Jakob Tew was raised in Portland and Boston and had the good fortune to travel the world to see art and design in many museums and galleries. Encouraged by artistic parents, Jakob quickly developed a love of drawing. Pencil in hand, Jakob would pass hours doodling or drawing his own typefaces. It wasn't until high school that this love of drawing and sketching evolved into something more. Always a lover of typography, Jakob quickly took interest in his high school's graphic design class. Design felt like the bridge between art and his passion for type. Jakob also found design to be an excellent escape from his other passion, running cross country and track. After progressing through his high school design courses, Jakob found Utah State. A school with a reputation for design Utah State was where he could combine his two passions; athletics and design. With a foot in two different worlds, Jakob has been lucky to find excellent professors and coaches who push him to be the best version of himself. Utah State became the perfect environment for growth, with competitive programs in design and athletics and steeped in natural beauty. Whether it's deep in the canyon or running through the neighborhoods of Logan, Jakob often finds himself mulling over design. Jakob has always had a special interest in the illustrative side of design. Whether creating posters, logos, or editorial design, Jakob has always found the most joy in creating custom marks.

Kaily Carson | Outstanding Senior from Art + Design

Kaily Carson

Kaily Carson is an Art History major who will also receive a Museum Studies certification from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. She has worked at the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art for over two years, and participated in collections management internships with the USU Museum of Anthropology and the Minnilusa Historical Association in Rapid City, South Dakota. She participated in the curation of a show of rare books and manuscripts in Special Collections with Dr. Alexa Sand and other students, and is currently researching various feminist topics, including links between visual representations of dogs and women in the early twentieth century with Dr. Laura Gelfand. Prior to attending USU she also participated in an archeological dig in Council Grove, Kansas, and served a LDS mission in Long Beach, California. After graduation, she hopes to get a job in collections management at a museum or historical association and later hopes to pursue a master's degree in Museum Studies.

Katherine Van Shaar | Outstanding Senior from Music

Katherine Van Shaar

Reflecting on 4 years as a Vocal Performance and Economics double major, Katherine feels blessed beyond reason with opportunities both in and outside of USU. Her most cherished performance memories include being a USU Chamber Singer, a member of the Vintage Vixen jazz trio, and a soloist with USU jazz ensembles. She held prominent roles in USU's opera and cabaret productions, most recently as Ottavia in L'incoronazione di Poppea. She won the 2020 Cal-West Regional NATS competition for classical voice, placed in several other classical and musical theater competitions, and is a two-time USU Aria Competition finalist. Thanks to wonderful theory and composition classes, Katherine has also developed an interest in composing and arranging for choirs and solo voice and anticipates publishing several religious pieces in the near future. She currently teaches voice and piano lessons at Logan Music Academy and is excited to keep growing as a singer and pedagogue, but will also be exploring opportunities in economics and grad schools. She wholeheartedly thanks each of her professors, her voice teachers, especially the incredible Cindy Dewey, and her sweet parents for seeing her potential and showing such constant concern and support. “God is good.”

Kresten Erickson | Outstanding Senior from Music

Kresten Erickson

Kresten Erickson will be graduating from Utah State in May with a major in Music Education, a minor in English Teaching, and a 3.99 GPA. He has performed as principal clarinetist of the USU Symphony Orchestra, in the Caine Woodwind Quintet, as part of the orchestra in the La Via Dei Concerti Festival in Italy, as both a member and drum major of the Aggie Marching Band, and in the USU Wind Orchestra. He also served as the USU chapter president of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME), representing the state at NAfME's Collegiate Advocacy Summit and Day on the Hill in Washington D.C in 2019. In early 2020, he presented at the Utah Music Educator Association conference on music education advocacy. Currently, Kresten is student teaching with Chris Earl of the renowned band program at South Davis Junior High School. Kresten looks forward to starting his career as a music educator by teaching middle school band in the state of Utah.

Maya Bowers | Outstanding Senior from Theatre

Maya Bowers

Maya first fell in love with theatre because of the people and community. Here at USU she quickly found just that: a community that supports her, challenges her, and that gave her a home away from home. The Caine Scholar program has given her an opportunity to pursue her goals and gain a new perspective on art. She has been a part of fourteen shows here at USU with leadership roles in ten including Stage Manager, Technical Director, Lighting Designer, and Production Manager. She was also assistant project lead for the Prop Land renovation, a stage technician for both Utah State theatre and Caine College of the Arts Production Services. While here her mentors and professors have molded and shaped her into the Technician she is today. After graduation this May she plans on working for a year then continuing on to graduate school pursuing a masters in Technical Direction/ Production Management. After receiving her MFA she hopes to make art that can inspire, bring a new perspective, and put a smile on people's faces.

Sarah Madany | Outstanding Senior from Theatre

Sarah Madany

Sarah grew up in a small town in Montana where she eagerly awaited the one week each year when the Missoula Children's Theatre company would come put on a show. From these weekly glimpses into the world of theatre grew her love of the field. Eventually, this brought her to the Department of Theatre Arts at Utah State University. During her time at USU, she got opportunities to work on shows in a wide variety of roles. Whether this was sewing in the costume shop as a stitcher, welding in the scene shop as one of the technicians, or calling a show as a stage manager, she enjoyed learning about all the different elements that go into making a production come to life. Now that she has graduated, she hopes to go on to work professionally as a costume technician and work on touring performances. After doing that for a few years she also plans on getting an MFA in Costume Production. Although eagerly looking forward to what the future holds, she will miss the community she has found here at USU and is thankful for all the memories she has collected as a student in the theatre department.

Graduate Student Awards

Sarah Hamatake | Graduate Student Instructor of the Year

Sarah Hamatake

Sarah Hamatake is a MM student in Piano Pedagogy and Performance. She received her Bachelor of Music degree from USU and decided to stay for her Master's to pursue more teaching opportunities. After working as a UTF for Keyboard Harmony for 7 semesters as a BM student, she was able to take on the role of Keyboard Harmony instructor while pursuing her MM. Sarah has also had the privilege to work with many of the music faculty in the roles of Aural Skills TA, Music History TA, and undergraduate non-major piano instructor. These teaching positions made it possible for Sarah to meet many undergraduate music majors and learn how to effectively communicate with and instruct students of different interests, skills, and abilities. As well as working with college students, Sarah has been a private instructor for the USU Youth Conservatory since her freshman year. She currently maintains a studio of 13 students ranging in ages from 4 to 15. She loves the opportunity to work with young kids in a musical environment that focuses on diversity of musical styles and composers.

Camille Weber | Master's Student Researcher of the Year

Camille Weber

Camille Rebecca Jensen Weber, 26, is a Logan native. She owes her interest in research to her parents, a piano teacher, and an aerospace engineer. After beginning piano lessons at age 4, Camille spent her youth competing in events such as the USU and Weber State Piano Festivals, UMTA and Utah Symphony competitions, and the Carnegie Hall Youth Program. As a high schooler, she performed concertos with orchestras on a few occasions. However, upon beginning her bachelor's degree at USU, she found that her interest in research and pedagogy outweighed her interest in performing. Camille's graduate education has been centered on historical female composers and disrupting their traditional exclusion from the musical canon. She maintains a sizable piano studio, currently comprised of sixteen students, where she emphasizes diversity in repertoire (www.brillantepiano.xyz). She encourages her students to question why musicians routinely perform the same pieces and to explore other options, including female composers and composers of color and non-Western cultures. She lives in Providence with her husband, 2-year-old son, and baby boy on the way.

Faculty & Staff Awards

Fazilat Soukhakain | Faculty Researcher/Scholar/Creative Artist of the Year

Fazilat Soukhakain

Fazilat Soukhakian is an Iranian artist, photographer, and scholar. She has received her undergraduate degree in photography from the University of Tehran in Iran. She moved to the U.S. in 2011 and received her master's degree in fine arts and her Ph.D in Architectural History and Visual Studies from the department of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. She considers herself a visual storyteller who observes and records her concerns regarding social and political issues that surround her as a means for social change and justice. Her work reflects on important issues concerning gender inequality, gender segregation, and the loss of national identity. Her photography projects have been shown throughout national and international exhibitions, and she has received a multitude of awards and recognition.

Leslie Timmons | Community Engaged Faculty

Leslie Timmons

Leslie Timmons had every intention of emulating a much-revered high school band director when she attended Michigan State University. Mentors, such as flutist Alexander Murray (MSU/London Symphony) and USU's own Dr. Glen Fifield, sparked a keen interest in how children acquire musicianship. As a Fulbright Scholar, she attended the Orff Institute/Mozarteum in Salzburg, and was immersed in the philosophy of Orff-Schulwerk, a teaching model based on the natural instinct of children to "play" that would shape her career. Leslie has directed the Music Department Orff Teacher Education courses for over thirty years, serving hundreds of educators from several continents. She has been on the faculty of the Cache Children's Choir for three decades and performs as flutist with Logan Canyon Winds, a faculty ensemble devoted to music education. A passionate advocate for children's music, she has served on the national boards of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association and American Recorder Society, among many others, and served as Northern Region Director of USU's Beverley Taylor Sorenson Elementary Arts Learning Program. She is thankful for generous support from the Marie Eccles Caine Foundation, Logan Rotary, After School Clubs, Utah Arts Council, Utah State University, USU Extension, her colleagues, and many mentors.

Larry Martin | Faculty Service Award

Larry Martin

Larry Martin was born and raised in southeast Arizona. Music has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember. His decision to join choir in third grade has led to forty years of almost non-stop music-making. Over the last twenty-four years, he has taught elementary music, band, orchestra, general music, and choir to students of all ages, from kindergarten to college, in Arizona, New Mexico, and now Utah. Before moving to Utah, he directed the high school choirs from Deming, New Mexico for sixteen years. Choirs under his direction have received over forty superior ratings at district, regional, and national level competitions along with two second-place finishes at NMAA State Choir Competitions. In the fall of 2016, he accepted a position at Utah State University Eastern where he directs the university's Concert Choir and Chamber Choir along with teaching voice lessons and general music. Mr. Martin holds a Master of Music in Choral Conducting degree from New Mexico State University, 2011; a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Western New Mexico University, 1997; and a Bachelor of Science in Music degree from Western New Mexico University, 1995. He and his wife Melinda have been married 26 years and have 4 wonderful children and three granddaughters. When not teaching, he enjoys fixing band instruments, guitars, pianos, working on scale models, and otherwise puttering around in his shop.

Cahill Smith | Graduate Mentor of the Year

Cahill Smith

Pianist Cahill Smith has performed in major venues in the United States and abroad, including four programs at Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall, Chongqing's PolyTheatre, Zhuhai's Mozart Hall, Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's Calderwood Hall, and others. Cahill has been featured as a concerto soloist with the National Ukrainian Symphony Orchestra, the Mongolian Symphony Orchestra, and the Alabama (AL), Chattanooga (TN), Butler (PA), and Mississippi Symphony Orchestras. His recordings have been broadcast on WQXR, New York Public Radio, WCRB, Classical Radio Boston, and WSMC, Charranooga Public Radio. In a review of his 2015 solo recital in Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall, New York Concert Review wrote of Cahill's performance of Medtern's Forgotten Melodies, "Here, Mr. Smith was in his element, revealing every twist and turn, every poignant repeat of the cyclic themes, with beautiful shimmering colors I haven't heard sing Gilels played the Sonata reminiscenza in Carnegie Hall in 1980." Cahill has given recitals and lectures on Medtner's music at Yale University, the International Medtner Festival in London, UK and others. Cahill completed his DMA at the Eastman School of Music, MM at the University of Michigan, and BA at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. Cahill previously served as Keyboard Area Coordinator and Artistic Director of the International Piano Festival and Competition at Lee University. He joined the faculty of Utah State University in 2019. Cahill is a Yamaha Artist.

Amanda Lee | Undergraduate Faculty Mentor

Amanda Lee

Assistant Professor and Area Head for Printmaking at Utah State University, Amanda Lee was born in Seattle, and received an MFA in printmaking from Indiana University in Bloomington. Lee was the recipient of the inaugural Virginia A. Myers, Visiting Artist/ Visting Assistant Professorship in Printmaking at University of Iowa in 2012. Having spent a decade in art education at Penland School of Crafts and Pilchuck Glass School, it is no surprise that Lee is a dedicated teacher. Lee spent three years working mainly from a studio in Cortona, Italy while faculty for University of Georgia's Corona Study Abroad Program. Lee is the founder of the 2D Advanced Technology Lab at University of Arkansas. She has had the opportunity to present work in Scotland, Italy, and Hong Kong as well as several solo exhibitions at SG GAllery in Venice Italy and Kahilu Exhibitions Waimea Hawaii. Lee was a 2015 artist in residence for McColl Center for Art + Innovation and University of North Carolina, Charlotte, and a 2018 resident at Willapa Bay AIR and a 2020 City of Seattle Public Art Fellow. She has been a visiting artist and taught workshops at Kent State University, University of Minnesota, University of Alberta, and Penland School of Crafts. Lee's work is in the collection of the State of Utah. She maintains a studio in Seattle, WA.

Raymond Veon | Undergraduate Research Mentor

Raymond Veon

Raymond Veon is currently the Assistant Dean for Arts Education in the Caine College of the Arts at Utah State University, a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Art & Design, and is also the Founding Director for the college's Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Access Program, an endowed program serving students with special needs through the arts. Professor Veon was formerly the Director of Fine and Performing Arts in the Atlanta Public Schools (APD) in Atlanta, GA. He has been recognized for his artwork and teaching, and has received numerous grants, totaling $1.5M, including two large grants from the U.S Department of Education to improve arts education in the Atlanta Public Schools. His artistic research deals with social and identity boundaries, while his academic research includes work in creativity, educational assessment, and disability. This research has informed his work at USU, including an Honors 1330 first-year course focused in LGBTQ history and culture. It also lead to the creation and implementation of new arts curricula, rigorous arts assessments, innovative and inclusive K-12 arts programs serving students of diverse backgrounds and abilities, the development of the Creativity Infusion Curriculum, and development of large-scale professional development programs in APS.

Todd Hayes | Outstanding Staff Employee of the Year

Todd Hayes

Todd Hayes received an Associate of Arts and Sciences from Utah Valley University in 2004, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Utah State University in 2007, and an MFA from Wichita State University in 2010. Before attending university, Todd worked as a carpenter, industrial mold fabricator, and designer of architectural elements. He spent much of his childhood in the outdoors where he gained a great appreciation for nature. His ceramic work is influenced by these experiences, looking at the balance of nature and our constructed realities. Todd's work has been exhibited nationally in group and solo exhibitions and included in numerous publications. He has lectured and led workshops internationally; most notably, Auckland Studio Potters, Nelson Clay Studio, and Stanford University. Todd currently lives and works in Logan, Utah and when he can find time outside of work, he makes pottery focused primarily on tableware. He holds the position of Ceramics Lab Coordinator and oversees 3D Foundations in the Department of Art and Design at Utah State University. He is a passionate educator and thrives on seeing his students achieve their artistic goals.

Cary Youmans | Professional Advisor of the Year

Cary Youmans

Cary J. Youmans began working for the Caine College of the Arts Music Department in January 2013. He holds a BS in Religion and MA in Church Music. In 2010 he reconnected via social media with an acquaintance he met once at an amateur film shoot. Soon after, he relocated to Logan, UT, and ended up marrying him. In 2017, Cary became active in local Community Theatre, and has portrayed several iconic characters, notable Colonel Pickering in "My Fair Lady," Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof," and both Merlin and King Pellinore in "Camelot." He was an ensemble member in the 2019 season of the Utah Festival Opera and Music Theatre Festival, and was featured as Santa in the 2019 and 2020 Pickleville Playhouse Christmas Productions. Cary and his husband, Reid Youmans, both work at Utah State University as Professional Advisors and live in Logan with their two cats, Mija and Neville, aka "Scar." Cary is thrilled and honored to receive this recognition the same year he celebrates his 60th year, being commemorated as his "Diamond Jubilee."