Scholarships & Financial Aid

The Spring 2021 Music Talent Scholarship Application Window is now closed. See the university scholarship application page for more information.

Utah State University offers its students an excellent educational value.  USU's music students are competitively prepared for careers alongside those who have paid tens of thousands of dollars more at conservatory-style institutions. You can use the cost calculator to find out what you should plan on spending to earn your degree.

Scholarships from USU for students majoring in music fall into three main categories: Academic, Talent, and scholarships provided by the Caine College of the Arts.

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded by the university, and you apply for them by applying for admission to the university by the Academic Scholarship Deadline. Even if you don't think you might qualify for an academic scholarship, we strongly encourage everyone to apply by the deadline. This allows us to offer you the best scholarship and financial aid awards possible. If you've missed the January 10 deadline, don't give up!  We would still like to encourage you to apply, and we will do our best to help you in any way we can.

Talent Scholarships

Talent scholarships are awarded by each area, and you apply for them by scheduling and completing an audition. These auditions typically take place in February for the following academic year. This audition also can serve as an entrance audition for those interested in pursuing a Music Major. Scholarships are generally available by audition for both music majors and non-music majors in the wind and percussion areas. Other areas restrict talent scholarships to music majors only. Contact the professor over your primary instrument for more information about talent scholarships.

The Caine College of the Arts offers additional scholarships. See the CCA scholarship page for information on applying for these scholarships.

Financial aid is another means of paying for your tuition. Apply for financial aid early each year to maximize your award potential.

If you are an out-of-state student, we encourage you to view the residency requirements for our state and to consider becoming a Utah resident during your first year as a college student.  Paying out-of-state tuition for two semesters while you become eligible, and then paying in-state tuition once you have filled the requirements, can greatly reduce your overall education costs.

We have international students in our degree programs as well, attracted by our distinguished faculty and our respected programs. If you are an international student considering USU, visit the Office of Global Engagement for help in beginning your journey to study music at USU.