Our Mission and Vision

Modelling Excellence

The Department of Music serves the land-grant mission of Utah State University by cultivating and modelling excellence in music performance, research, teaching, and therapy in our students, faculty, and community. We are committed to an environment in which all members are fully included, supported, and valued.

As a means to fulfill its mission, the Department of Music at Utah State University strives on behalf of:

Our Students

  1. To identify, attract, and retain exceptional students through competitive scholarship, assistantship, and research funding.
  2. To develop student excellence in performance, teaching, research, and clinical practice through high-quality and rigorous instruction, courses, and degree programs.
  3. To prepare music students for career-readiness in their field while equipping them to be lifelong advocates of the arts.
  4. To provide positive musical experiences for all USU students appropriate to their abilities and interests.

Our Faculty

  1. To attract and retain an outstanding faculty and staff through exhaustive review, competitive compensation, academic freedom, and maintaining an environment of mutual support and recognition of the value of all programs.
  2. To support and sustain teaching, research and creative activity, recognizing these as essential to the University and the greater communities to which faculty belong.

Our Community

  1. To enrich the community through engaging programming of outstanding artistic, scholarly, and educational value.
  2. To provide exceptional musical training and outreach to the communities we serve, ensuring the vitality of music for generations to come.