USU Bands Policy Guidelines

Attendance is required at all rehearsals and performances. It is the philosophy of this band program that a successful team effort requires everyone's complete and consistent contribution during all rehearsals and performances. Successful rehearsals can take place only if the full ensemble is assembled and on-task as a complete unit. Band members are expected to resolve any class and work conflicts with band rehearsal times. Absences due to class conflicts, casual personal conflicts, and work are not excused absences.

Excuses. Excused absences for concert bands must be cleared by filling out an absence slip in the Band Office (Room 113). Excused absences include serious illness, death in the family, and marriage in the immediate family. All these instances, save a medical emergency, are predictable and should be arranged in advance.

In order for an absence or tardiness to be considered excusable, the student must telephone the Band Office (797-3004) in advance of the absence. In addition, the students must complete an Absence/Tardy Form—which can be obtained in the Band Office—no later than the first scheduled rehearsal following the absence/tardy. All absences must be cleared with the ensemble instructor, and they must be documented in writing to be considered.

Excused absences for the Aggie Marching Band and Aggie Pep Band must be cleared through the director.

Grading. It is difficult to test in large music ensembles, so grading must be based on attendance and attitude (maintenance of high standards of performance—personally and musically).

  1. Failure to attend rehearsals results in a loss of one letter grade per unexcused absence (for example: if a student has acquired on unexcused absence, the grade is lowered from an A (4.0) to a B (3.0) automatically) or one-half letter grade per unexcused tardy.
  2. Failure to attend any dress rehearsal or performance automatically results in a failing grade.
  3. Students are expected to bring all music, equipment, and other classroom materials (including marching drill charts and a pencil).
  4. One unexcused tardy lowers a member's grade by 1/2 grade (2 tardies = 1 absence).
  5. Failure to maintain satisfactory performance standards—failure to comply with any or all policies and guidelines as set forth the University Bands Policy Guidelines, in the opinion of the instructor—could result in the student's final grade being lowered.
  6. Without exception, the criterion for the final grade in the judgment of the instructor.