Corinne Pickett

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Corinne Pickett

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Corinne Pickett is a Board-Certified Music Therapist who is excited to be joining the Music Therapy Program at Utah State University. Corinne is a Utah State alumnus who got her Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy and a minor in Psychology. Later she earned a Master of Arts for Music Therapy from Saint Mary of the Woods College in Indiana.

As a music therapist, Corinne has worked to build a private practice that serves a variety of clientele. She has worked with individuals with disabilities, youth and teens in a behavioral health clinic, older adults, individuals of all ages with mental illness, and so on. Corinne has had various opportunities to supervisor music therapy students through her practice as well. She's dedicated time to advocating for music therapy in her community and has had the opportunity to give a variety of presentations.

As a musician, Corinne is a vocalist and pianist by training but enjoys playing the guitar, ukulele, and percussion personally and clinically. In her spare time, Corinne enjoys spending time with her family, going to the mountains, and reading.