Music Therapy Major Application Form

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Video Submission

Please prepare and submit a single video, no more than 5 minutes in length. The video should include the following:

  1. The applicant's name and their reasons for choosing to study the field of music therapy at Utah State University.
  2. A few personal qualities the applicant possess that would help them be successful in this field and program, based on their understanding of music therapy.
  3. A song, sung and accompanied by the applicant on either guitar or piano, which best demonstrates their musicality and personal connection to music.  Suggested genres are either folk, contemporary, or an original song composed by the applicant.
The video should be submitted as a link to YouTube or another video hosting service that is accessible to the application reviewers. If uploading a link to a YouTube video, it can be unlisted, as long as it is not marked “Private".

Educational Background
List all, beginning with the most recent including dates attended
Musical Background

Please describe your musical background in each of the following areas.

*Piano Level of Ability
*Voice Level of Ability
*Guitar Level of Ability
List any additional instruments you have studied including ability level and years of private instruction