Admissions & Auditions

The USU Academic Scholarship Deadline Has Changed to December 1
Students must complete their admission application prior to the December 1st deadline in order to be considered for academic scholarships.

*Music Therapy auditions require pre-selection materials

Music Department auditions are for both entrance into the music program as a major, and for consideration for scholarship awards for music majors, and for non-music majors in some areas (wind, brass, percussion) who are participating in ensembles. All students considering music degrees must pass an entrance audition. After receiving notification that the student has passed her/his entrance audition, the student is admitted into the music program as a Pre-Music Major. In order to achieve full Music Major status, students must pass two juries on their primary instrument with a grade of B- or higher, and they must pass MUSC 1110 Music Theory I with a grade of C- or higher.

Transfer students from other institutions, and USU students wishing to change majors into music must also have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 and a mimimum GPA in all music courses of 3.0 for admission into the major in good standing. Students who have passed their entrance audition but who do not meet the minimum GPA requirements may be admitted on probation. Any subsequent semester in which the student fails to meet these GPA minimums will result in expulsion from the music program, and the student will no longer be allowed to register for pre-music/music major courses.

How to Apply for Admission into a Music Degree Program at USU


Apply for admission to the University

Students should apply for admission to the university as early as possible, as many scholarships have early deadlines.


Schedule an audition on your primary instrument for admission into the Department of Music

It is strongly recommended that prospective music majors complete the audition/interview during Department of Music scholarship auditions held in February. In order to audition after the February deadline, contact the professor over your intended area of study. Specific instructions for Music Therapy applicants. Please note that Music Therapy pre-selection auditions (required) have an early December deadline.


Register for and attend New Student Orientation, meet with an advisor, and register for classes

Incoming freshmen should register for MUSC 1105, but will receive instructions a week before the semester starts about a placement test. Transfer students or those with AP credit that may qualify them to begin later in the curriculum should plan to take the transfer exam, usually offered during the week before classes start; contact Cary Youmans for the date and time. See additional information about placement exams on the Academic Studies page.

Submit an audition video (if necessary)

If you need to submit an audition video fill out and submit the Recorded Audition Submission Form.