Entrepreneurship and the Arts

Prepare to make your craft your career!

The Caine College of the Arts not only helps students develop their artistic talents, but also helps prepare them to use those talents to provide for themselves and their families, while making the world a better place through art.

Artists are entrepreneurs. We prepare you to make your art your business!

"While not all entrepreneurs are artists, all artists are entrepreneurs."

Partnership with The Center for Entrepreneurship

The Caine College of the Arts partners with the Huntsman School of Business, Center for Entrepreneurship, to provides students with the opportunity to foster skills like creativity, self-reliance, tenacity, persistence, and resourcefulness that will be critical as students take their craft toward commercial success.

Students can find connections to mentoring, internships, and targeted classes on how to build a business, finding funding, and so much more.

The Center for Entrepreneurship

Additional Resources

student using pottery wheel