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Saturday, March 2

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Latinx Art Exhibition


This exhibition is curated by Álvaro Ibarra, assistant professor of art history at Utah State University. The exhibition features local and regional artists working in an array of media and dynamic styles.

Latinx is an emergent term Latin Americans and Americans of Latin American descent use to self-identify. Latinx embraces diversity in race, gender, sexuality, and creed. Latinx labors toward achieving equity for all, including those that don’t self-identify as Latinx.

Latinx artists draw on visual traditions found in Latin American art. Latinx artists communicate the American experience. Their art engages issues like marginalization, migration, exploitation, exclusion, discrimination, and alienation. And everyone living in the Western Hemisphere shares varying aspects of this American experience.

8:00 am - 9:00 pm |

UST Floyd Collins


This haunting musical, featuring a glorious folk and bluegrass-inspired score, tells the transcendent tale of a true American dreamer. In 1925, while chasing fame and fortune by turning a Kentucky cave into a tourist attraction, Floyd Collins himself becomes the attraction when he is trapped 200 feet underground.

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm | Chase Fine Arts Center, Morgan Theatre |