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Friday, December 15

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Guerrilla Grrrl Now! An exhibition of political posters


Guerrilla Grrrl Now! is an exhibition of political posters by the anonymous art collective Guerrilla Girls (active since 1985) placed alongside contemporary work by USU Art + Design students and interactive spaces for viewer responses. The Guerrilla Girl posters were selected from USU’s Special Collections and Archives, which is currently the only institution to house a complete Guerrilla Girls portfolio (1985-2023) IN THE WORLD! The Guerrilla Girls, who call themselves the “conscience of the art world,” use brazen visuals, confrontational headlines, and undeniable statistics to illuminate gender, racial, and ethnic discrimination in cultural institutions. The issues addressed in their work, including reproductive rights, sexual assault and abuse, LGBTQIA+ rights, and the gender pay gap, remain incredibly relevant in our lives today. Guerrilla Grrrl Now! loudly proclaims that the fight isn’t over, and by using our voices and our art to activate awareness on campus, in Cache Valley, and in Utah, we continue the feminist fight against discrimination on all fronts.

9:00 am - 5:00 pm | Chase Fine Arts Center, Tippetts and Eccles Galleries |