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Tuesday, October 3

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Wasserman Piano Series Presents: Sergei Babayan


The meditative focus and rare stillness of Armenian-American pianist Sergei Babayan's keyboard artistry prompted the Hamburger Abendblatt to liken him to "one of those Japanese calligraphers who contemplate the white page before them in silence until, at the exact right moment, their brush makes its instinctive, perfect sweep across the paper". Babayan himself has observed that making music should be open to surprises and spontaneous insights, allowing unexpected emotions to emerge and subtle shadings to evolve naturally. His program will include the following: *Franz Liszt | Ballade No.2 in B minor *Vladimir Ryabov | Fantasia in memory of Maria Yudina *Sergei Rachmaninov | Etude-Tableau in E-flat minor Op.39 No. 5, Etude-Tableau in C minor Op.39 No.1, Moment Musical in E-flat minor Op.16 No. 2, Moment Musical in C Major Op.16 No.6 *Schubert-Liszt | Der Muller und der Bach and Erlkonig *Franz Schubert | Sonata in G Major Op.78 D.894 or Schubert B-flat Sonata

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm | Russell/Wanlass Performance Hall |