Arts Education Fellows Program

The Caine College of the Arts announces the continuation of the CCA Arts Education Fellows program (for spring 2023). Through this initiative, individuals or teams of arts education students receive paid fellowships in which they develop and facilitate arts-focused experiences for students between kindergarten and twelfth grade or community members at large.

Ideal projects effectively develop students' knowledge, understanding, and skills in an arts discipline, while also addressing at least one non-arts discipline (e.g., from language arts, math, science, or social studies). Arts-enhancement units (which use the arts primarily as a means to the end of teaching another subject such as math) will NOT be considered.

Proposals that include working with life skills classes and/or students with disabilities are welcome. The Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Access program can provide mentors to students desiring to work with students with special needs.

Program Details

Fellows in the program work individually or in teams of up to four to design, pilot, revise, and carry out an art experience or project for selected schools or community organizations in northern Utah. Individuals or teams will create a teaching project. This may take the shape of traditional teaching unit/lesson plans, workshops, trainings, or other teaching related activities. Projects may be taught/conducted during school hours at a local school, after school hours at a local school, in the community, with local arts organizations, etc.

Each Arts Education Fellow will be paid $15 an hour, up to $750, for developing and facilitating their work. Fellows must propose how many hours their project will take. If awarded the fellowship, fellows must keep a detailed record of their hours and how they are spent (via AggieTime). Students will submit reflections on their work to complete their fellowship.  

A budget of up to $300 for project supplies will be available for each individual or team.

To Apply

Please review the qualifications. Any student who meets the qualifications should complete the full application including responses to all questions with signatures from all team members and the faculty mentor.

Applicants must submit completed applications by 5pm on January 13, 2023. We hope to notify applicants of the status of their application within two weeks.

Arts Education Fellows Application

Faculty Mentors

Projects require a faculty mentor. While any arts education faculty member may serve as a faculty mentor, below are mentors individuals might contact in different disciplines: 

Mentor Signature Form

  1. Must be an CCA  arts education (art/design, music, theatre) major or minor.
  2. Must have passed a criminal background check. (The background check completed when applying to the STEP program is appropriate.)
  3. At least two team members should have completed at least one arts methods course with a grade of B or above by the end of fall 2022.
  4. Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater at the time they apply.
  5. Must have sufficient availability to teach lessons during the regular school day (approximately 8am-2pm, Monday-Friday) or when the proposed organization meets.
  6. Must secure support from a faculty member who regularly teaches arts methods courses (in design, drama, movement, music, or the visual arts). Mentors must commit to guiding students through developing, piloting, and revising their projects, and must periodically observe the students' work throughout the year to provide feedback.
  7. While not required, special consideration will be given to individuals or teams whose members have experience teaching K-12 students, especially in arts-education contexts.