Foundations and First Year Reviews


The faculty of the Department of Art + Design believe that Foundations should foster creativity, self-awareness, critical thinking, and core competencies. We have designed an immersive program that gives students rigorous, intensive, and challenging training in the principles of visual art expression. Foundations builds a community of student artists, designers, and scholars who enthusiastically embrace the power of art and design to shape our worlds.

Program Resources

Required Courses

All students coded as undeclared-art (UND-ART), undeclared art education (UND-ART ED), or undeclared-interior design (UND-ID) must take a series of classes during their first year that we call "Foundations." You must earn at least a cumulative overall GPA of 2.75 in all the courses shown below:

Course Title University
Offered Credits Required Min Grade
ART 1020 Drawing 1 BCA Fall 3 B-
ART 1120 Two-Dimensional Design   Fall/Spring 3 B-
ART 1130 Three-Dimensional Design   Fall/Spring 3 B-
ART 2710 Survey of Western Art I BHU Fall 3 B-
ART 2720 Survey of Western Art II BHU Spring 3 B-
ID 1790
Core course in an emphasis area OR Interior Design Theory (ID only)   Fall/Spring (ID 1790 Spring) 3 B-

What's next?

Interior Design

First-Year Review

In addition to taking all the classes above, all first-year students who are considering the Interior Design Program must enroll in ID 1790 and participate in the First-Year Review spring semester of your first year. The review assesses basic skills, creativity, and will consist of portfolio work from foundation courses as well as the completion of an additional project. The Interior Design faculty has sole responsibility for selecting students for admission to the BID degree. Only students who successfully pass the first year review and meet or exceed GPA and grade requirements will be allowed to register for second-year courses. First-Year Review requirements will be available on the Art and Design website. For more information about the ID First-Year Review contact Susie Tibbitts.

Second-Year Review

Acceptance into second-year courses does not guarantee acceptance into the third-year courses. Second-year ID students are required to submit a portfolio for review by the ID faculty prior to advancing into third-year courses. The portfolio includes secondyear studio work and occurs during spring semester of your second year.

Students who do not pass the BID or second-year review cannot enroll in ID classes. If you are not admitted into BID degree, you may choose to declare a minor in Art; successful completion of all five foundation courses and ID 1790 will give you sufficient credit to do so. We encourage students to consult with the Exploratory Advising Office to find a suitable degree program.

All Other Areas of Study

If you wish to be admitted to the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, as an art major, a rigorous review of foundations course work will take place in early March of the first year. Acceptance into the BS degree does not guarantee acceptance into the BFA degree track in an emphasis area. Each emphasis area conducts its own BFA reviews annually, and in general, candidates must already have been admitted to the BS program. Notification of acceptance or non-acceptance will take place before the beginning of priority enrollment.

Portfolios Will Include:

Criteria For Evaluation

Faculty from across the department will review completed portfolios and make recommendations for admission or non-admission based on how well you demonstrate:

Admission to BS Degree

Students who pass the review will be admitted into the Bachelor of Science in Art (BS-Art) degree pending review of final grades earned in spring classes. Those who pass the BS portfolio review and meet or exceed the minimum GPA and grade requirements may enroll in ART courses starting fall semester. Students admitted to the BS are encouraged to immediately begin working toward admission to the BFA program in the emphasis area of their choice. Students pursuing a BS degree have second-tier registration for ART classes, especially for advanced courses, and need to demonstrate ongoing progress toward their degree. Acceptance into the BS degree does not guarantee acceptance into the BFA degree in the emphasis area indicated on your application. BFA admission requires a separate review process.


The Bachelor of Fine Arts is considered a higher-level credential in art and design. Each emphasis area has its own requirements for entry into the BFA program. Rising second-year students are encouraged to work with the College advising staff and register for core courses in accordance with the requirements of their intended BFA program. You may apply for entry to the BFA in no more than two emphasis areas. A student who passes the BFA review in two areas may emphasize in both simultaneously. Students may only submit a portfolio for admission to the BFA two times. 

For Those Not Admitted to the BS Degree

Students who do not pass the portfolio review on their first attempt may submit a revised portfolio for review the during the following semester. Students not admitted to the BS degree program in Art & Design after two attempts cannot continue as Art majors. If you are not admitted, you may choose to declare a minor in Art: a minor requires successful completion of the foundations courses and one additional ART course (18 credits total). You will not be eligible to enroll in ART classes and you will not be able to reapply for the BS degree program in Art & Design. We encourage you to consult with the Exploratory Advising Program to find a suitable degree program.