BID Portfolio Review

First Year Review

In addition to taking the foundations courses, all first-year students who are considering the Interior Architecture & Design Program must enroll in IAD 1790 and participate in the First-Year Review spring semester of your first year. The review assesses basic skills, creativity, and will consist of portfolio work from foundation courses as well as the completion of an additional project. The Interior Architecture & Design faculty have sole responsibility for selecting students for admission to the BID degree. Only students who successfully pass the first-year review and meet or exceed GPA and grade requirements will be allowed to register for second-year courses.

Second Year Review

Acceptance into second year courses does not guarantee acceptance into the third year courses. Second year IAD students are required to submit a portfolio for review by the IAD faculty prior to advancing into third year courses. The portfolio includes second year studio work and occurs during spring semester of your second year.

Students who do not pass the BID or second year review cannot enroll in IAD classes. If you are not admitted into the BID degree, you may choose to declare a minor in Art; successful completion of all five foundation courses and IAD 1790 will give you sufficient credit to do so. We encourage students to consult with the Exploratory Advising Office to find a suitable degree program.

Applications will open Friday 1/20/23 at noon.

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