Interior Design Portfolio Review Application

Status: CLOSED
Thank you for your interest. Sorry, the deadline for the 2022 Interior Design Portfolio Review has passed.
You can re-apply during the next review period (February-March 15, 2023).

Submission Instructions

Application Steps:

  1. Submission Form
  2. First-Year Foundations Interior Architecture & Design Portfolio

Both steps must be completed in order for the application to be considered.

The program has provided four portfolios from the 2019 and 2020 reviews that serve as excellent references of well-executed and successful portfolios.

First-Year Foundations Interior Architecture & Design Portfolio

Select projects that best exhibit your technical, creative, and conceptual skills.  Please include the assignment description for each project for the reviewers, as they may be unfamiliar with your work.

Please download and use the PowerPoint file as a framework for your First Year Portfolio submission.

Reminder: your name cannot appear anywhere in this presentation. No exceptions! Please follow the guidelines on each page. The portfolio is a summary of selected projects from Drawing I, 2D Design, 3D Design, and ID 1790.

Once you have prepared your portfolio, ensure that all instructions in the PowerPoint are deleted. This will demonstrate an attention to detail. Good Luck! Questions should be directed to Darrin Brooks, Interior Architecture & Design Area Coordinator.

The results of the review will be announced on or before March 24, 2021.

Be sure to delete page one of the powerpoint with the image of the cat and the instructions. The pdf file should be 10 pages in length.