BID Portfolio Review

Entrance into the Interior Architecture & Design Program

Students interested in becoming a major in Interior Architecture and Design must successfully submit a portfolio for the annual first-year review and must maintain a minimum overall GPA requirement of 2.75. The program invites approximately 20-24 students to advance onto the second year making this a very competitive major. The Bachelor of Interior Architecture and Design (BIAD) is a professional degree, and the expectations of the faculty are very high.

First Year Review

All first-year students who are considering the Interior Architecture & Design Program must enroll in IAD 2780 and participate in the First-Year Review Fall semester. The review assesses basic skills, creativity, and will consist of portfolio work from IAD 2780 as well as the completion of additional projects. Only students that successfully pass the first-year review and meet or exceed GPA and grade requirements will be allowed to register for second-year courses. If a student's GPA does not meet the requirements, they may be accepted on a probationary status and must meet the GPA requirements prior to the second-year review. The details for the Fall First-Year review will be posted at the beginning of Fall Semester.

Successful Portfolios

Interior Architecture & Design First-Year Review 2018-2024

Cohort Size 24

Year IAD 2780 Enrollment Applicants Acceptance Rate
2018 52 33 76%
2019 53 29 82%
2020 65 48 67%
2021 67 39 69%
2022 96 52 46%
2023 Spring 98 65 36%
2023 Fall 98 72 34%