Graphic Design

The graphic design emphasis area delivers a comprehensive professional education in the study and practice of visual communication design. Education in design theory and practice prepares students to become leaders in the various disciplines that constitute today's design profession. Graphic design students receive training in collaboration, innovation, theory, professional practice, technical competence, history, creative processes and sustainability. This competitive program culminates in the creation of a professional portfolio that helps our alumni get jobs in prestigious national and international design studios and advertising agencies.

BFA Review Process

Students desiring acceptance into the Graphic Design BFA emphasis must be accepted into the program by faculty review. Please follow these steps to submit your forms and portfolio for review.

Forms and Portfolio Submissions

  1. Pick up a GD BFA review application from the Art + Design (A+D) Office or download the application form. Read the application carefully to make sure you qualify (e.g. have completed or are enrolled in the necessary classes).
  2. Print an unofficial copy of your transcripts.
  3. Assemble a Portfolio binder (approximately 10 x 11.5 inches) that includes your name on the the cover and the following:
    1. Completed BFA application
    2. Current transcripts
    3. Work examples from all your classes required to apply for the BFA; print all materials on 8.5 x 11 inch paper inserted into protective plastic sleeves; you may photograph large works and reduce them to fit the format
  4. Deliver your completed portfolio with application to FAV 213e before 9:00 am the Friday of finals week. If you can't deliver your portfolio in person, please arrange for a friend to drop it off for you. Portfolios will be available for retrieval after 3:00 pm that afternoon in the 213 suite of classes common area.
  5. In addition to your printed portfolio binder, email a pdf version of your completed portfolio to Tori Moss ( before 9:00 am the Friday of finals week. If your portfolio is too large to email, you may use Big File Transfer (

Note: The artwork you submit for review must be your best and must be representative of the classes required to apply for the BFA review. Large or 3D works may be photographed and printed in reduced size to fit the format. Work from Intro to Graphic Design (Art 2400) will be given the strongest scrutiny.

Notification of Acceptance

Candidates will be notified regarding acceptance via email by 3:30 pm on the Friday of finals week. Please make sure that your email is correct and legible on the application form. If you are not accepted, please see your CCA advisor for guidance.

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