Arts Career Outreach

Your Career in the Arts

Selecting your field or discipline can be a daunting task. We all want to balance our passions with a viable profession. We all want a career that will sustain us intellectually, emotionally, and fiscally for the next three to four decades.

A career in the arts can be incredibly rewarding and dynamic experience. However, many students hesitate due to a narrow conception of career possibilities. This webpage and outreach project is dedicated to supplementing art students’ knowledge of the art world. This ongoing program provides insight into wide-ranging jobs in the visual arts.

Interviews and Q&A videos with arts professionals provide invaluable information for students aspiring to join the field. Blogs written by curators, critics, gallerists, conservators, preservationists, archaeologists, et cetera reveal a week in their professional lives, from the astonishing to the everyday.

Blogs can be accessed as soon as they are posted via the links below. Videos can be accessed post-interview date and time via the links provided on this page. If you would like to participate in the Zoom session with a guest speaker, please contact Dr. Álvaro Ibarra for an invitation.


  • Dr. Sarah Kennel (date/time TBA)
    Curator of Photography, High Museum, Atlanta
  • Dr. Heather MacDonald (date/time TBA)
    Senior Program Officer, Getty Foundation
  • Sara Blair Kloepfer (date/time TBA)
    Co-Founder of studioesk, Los Angeles
  • Elizabeth Mehlin (date/time TBA)
    Conservator, Mehlin Conservation, Essex, MA
  • Angel Cabrales
    Assistant Professor in Sculpture, University of Texas at El Paso
  • Dr. Erin Aldana, Grant Writer, San Deigo