Art Education

The Art Education emphasis area at Utah State University is unique in that students earn a Bachelors of Fine Arts, which reflects the emphasis area's commitment to training students to become excellent teachers and accomplished artists. It is our core belief that a teacher’s art making practice and teaching practice mutually inform each other. The program is founded on creative thinking strategies, visual literacy, essential contemporary skills, and innovative studio practices. Students learn to develop engaging art curriculum founded on big ideas, studio habits of mind, and inquiry-based learning.

One of the program’s greatest strengths is our emphasis on collaborative learning through "real life" experience. Advanced students have the opportunity to participate in professional development workshops with local, national, and international artist educators. Hands-on teaching experience is gained through classroom practicum experiences and community engagement. Community involvement includes opportunities in direct arts outreach, afterschool clubs and programs, and volunteer positions with local arts organizations and programs. Students also have the opportunity to participate in AmeriCorps programs.

Another strength of the program is the close supportive community of students and faculty that reach beyond campus to include alumni, artists, and educators across the field of art design and education. Graduates of the Art Education program find employment in K-12 education and a wide variety of other arts institutions across the country, as well as to become self-sustaining artists.

Art Education Faculty
  • Dennise Gackstetter - Principal Lecturer
  • Lisa Saunderson - Adjunct Instructor
  • Brooke Lambert - Adjunct Instructor
  • Dr. Billie Sessions - Adjunct Instructor
  • Tami Ungerman - Adjunct Instructor


Program Resources