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Tall ceramic watering can

Tall Watering Can by Carter Pasma

During my first year of graduate school, I noticed that the studio custodian used a plastic watering can to wet the floors before cleaning. If you’ve ever seen a plastic watering can, you know how awkwardly proportioned they can be. Seeing this watering can in use inspired me to make a sleek, ergonomic design of my own. This is a long process, so buckle up!

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BFA Capstone Exhibit

BFA Seniors Display Capstone Works

In room 209 of the Fine Arts Visual building, the artists have put together what they refer to as the Frida Kahlo Lounge. It’s a space in the studio with couches, artworks and a portrait of Kahlo herself. This was a comfortable space for Klint Johnson, a senior in the department of painting and drawing.

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interior architecture design students

USU Interior Architecture & Design is currently ranked 8th in the top 20 Interior Design Schools

A career in interior design can be a fruitful one. Fulfilling those goals, however, will mean getting an education that can make that happen. Among the many considerations that should be considered when choosing a school for interior design, two are among the most important. One of those factors, tuition, is essentially universal for nearly everyone. Another important factor is the graduation rate because accomplishing those goals begins with finishing your degree. You can learn more at