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Exposicion de arte latinx

Local Artwork Displayed at USU Latinx Exhibit

Art History Assistant Professor Alvaro Ibarra has curated an exhibit of artwork by local and regional artists after an invitation from the Fiestas Americas Organizers to curate the exhibition and celebrate emerging cultural trends.

The exhibition will be open from March 1-15 at The Alley on Center (19 W. Center Street, Logan UT).

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ceramic cup with an orange pattern

Set the Table: Kait Arndt

My utilitarian work explores the use of porcelain, colored casting slip, and molds. I’m excited by the possibilities of the many layers and patterns that can be exposed through the casting process. The texture and feel of cone-10 porcelain is something I value. I approach this work as a designer, considering the profile and curvature of a form, and contrasting this with rigid geometry and patterns.

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plants in an old vase

Flower Brick

Vases are fun to work on because the possible shapes and sizes are nearly limitless. This can also make it slightly daunting to start on one—there are just so many options. I like to think about the form as an object that can stand alone, being visually interesting without a floral arrangement. At the same time, when it is showcasing flowers, I want the form to do just that— showcase the flowers. This brick vase is inspired by all the beautifully sporadic roadside weeds and wildflowers that I see on my daily neighborhood walks.

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The Final Ascent by Ann Cunningham

USU's Communitas Brings Artists, Designers, Scholars to Logan Campus for Fall 2023

"The Final Ascent" by Ann Cunningham portrays Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind man to summit Mount Everest, standing on the mountain's south summit. Cunningham, who creates tactile illustrations for blind audiences, will speak at USU on Oct. 12. (Photo Credit: Ann Cunningham)

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Fazilat Soukhakian Usu Photography professor showcases her most recent projects

Fazilat Soukhakian: USU Photography Professor Showcases Her Most Recent Projects

Fazilat Soukhakian began her photography career in Iran, where she was one of very few women in photojournalism in the country. In that role, she often found herself in the middle of on-going political and social issues and change. Through those collective experiences, she discovered how photography could be a powerful storytelling medium.

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