CCA Student Development

Welcome to Caine College of the Arts (CCA) Student Development. We are committed to our students' success and strive to serve the unique needs of each student. As artists, we have challenges in- and outside the classroom exclusive to disciplines in the arts. Our goal is to help students grow personally and professionally in their field, the arts, and the community.

To this end, we have a holistic approach that positively contributes to the overall CCA student experience. We achieve student success by making academic support, counseling and psychological services, accessibility services, leadership opportunities, research services, entrepreneurship, and diversity, equity, and belonging more accessible to our students.

Student Development provides innovative student-centered activities, programs, and services that

  • Fosters the emotional growth and personal development of students
  • Recognize the educational benefits of diversity for students
  • Optimize transformative student learning and leadership, in- and outside of the classroom
  • Emphasize student engagement and overall student well-being 

Holistic Model

  • Student-centered
  • Leadership
  • Social Justice
  • Mental Health
  • Scholarship

Academic Support

The CCA Advising Center is dedicated to providing academic and career help for students in the Caine College of the Arts. These services are provided to Art + Design, Music, and Theatre Arts students.

therapist office
Counseling & Psychological Services

Campus services for your Mental, Physical, and Relationship Wellness. The knowledge to help assist someone who comes to you in distress and direct them to resources.

puzzle pieces with diverse faces
Accessibility Services

There are resources and help available, such as programs, technology, and experiences for the success of the CCA students.

diverse hands in a team circle
Diversity, Equity, & Belonging

Diversity, equity, and belonging are essential for our student’s growth and development. To build awareness of other cultures, provide equity, access, and social justice for underrepresented students. Also, we strive to increase student’s multicultural competence and ability to work with individuals of different cultures.

Student conducting online research

Support undergraduate and graduate research interests with funding support opportunities, including Undergraduate Research and Creative Opportunity (URCO) awards, research travel grants, and Graduate Research and Creative Opportunity (GRCO) grants. Plus, opportunities to present your research.

Student leading a group discussion
Leadership Opportunities

CCA has several opportunities for leadership. Select one from the list below to learn more.

A lady in her art shop
The arts entrepreneur program helps students who have a small business or are ready to start a small business. This program provides the tools necessary to understand how to market oneself, product, service, and business.