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Kent Concert Hall

The Kent Concert Hall opened as part of the Chase Fine Arts Center in 1967. It seats 2168 patron in five orchestra section and five balcony sections. It has proscenium stage 72' wide by 27'10" deep with a 21' openning and a 15' apron that can be removed to reveal the orchestra pit at the front of the stage.

The Kent Concert Hall is most specifically designed for orchestra programs and features a full stage acoustical shell as part of the standard stage setup. The standard lighting and sound layouts have been designed around providing support of events contained with the acoustical shell. When the acoustical shell is removed, 20 line sets become available from the proscenium line to the back wall, with 40' of fly space. Four of the lines are electrics. An 18' by 32' screen hangs on the proscenium line with a 7700 lumen, long-throw projector located in the lighting control booth.

Because of the wide, shallow design of the stage, the Kent Concert Hall is not always suitable for all types of event. Events that will work best in this venue are orchestras, bands, large choirs and conventions that require a large audience capacity. Dance groups, touring theatrical productions and large, highly amplified musical groups will generally work in the venue but may be better served considering another venue.

For booking, scheduling, and rate information, please contact the CCA Production Services Scheduling Coordinator at 435-797-3040.