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  • Projects Funded through Differential Tuition


    The Caine College of the Arts began accepting proposals for Differential Tuition Funding in 2014-2015. Since then, Differential Tuition has enhanced the experiences of CCA students by making the following projects possible:


    QI Course Development in CCA

    Undergraduate Teaching Fellows

    Matching funding for URCO Grants

    Hashimoto Communications Arts Seminar

    Accompanists for Voice/Acting Majors

    Music Therapy Supervisors

    Student Music Recordings

    Opera Production Funding

    Performance Hall Concert Series

    Undergraduate Research/Creative Activity Day



    Student Travel:

    BFA Acting Senior Showcase in NYC

    USU Chamber Singers to La Via dei Concerti International Music Festival, Italy   (representing USU and USA)

    BFA Acting students to URTA Auditions

    Student Travel to National Conferences, including: UMEA, AATE, KCACTF, USITT, Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, International Society of Bassists Convention

    Student Travel to National Competitions, including: Fischoff National Competition, Coleman Competition

    Travel to work with the Juilliard Quartet



    Facilities/Equipment Upgrades:

    Art & Design Facilities Safety Upgrade

    Media/Projection Computer Upgrade

    Music Department Keyboard Lab Upgrade

    Music Therapy Clinical Instruments

    Piano Repairs and Maintenance

    Photo Studio Lighting Update

    UR Computer Lab Upgrade

    Printing Press (printmaking)

    20,000 Lumens Projector


    Cintiq 27QHD direct-to-screen digital drawing and painting tablets

    Woodwind Techniques Courses Instruments



    Visiting Artists:

    Dr. William Carty

    Dr. Lonnie Smith

    James Dunham, Paul Katz and Pei-Shan Lee

    2016 Wassermann Festival Visiting Artists

    The Carter Family Marionettes

    Jazz Ensembles Guest Artist Program

    Noa Kageyama

    First USU Latin American Music Festival:

    Fabiano Chagas, Maria Luisa Harth-Bedoya, Francisco “Pacho” Flores, Eddy Marcano

    John Luther Adams

    Guest Artists at the Lyric Repertory Company

    Adam Nielsen

    Kathryn Eberle

    Maestro Delta David Gier

    Rita Moreno

    Jenn Colella

    Lone Prairie Band

    Miles Redd

    Paul Pfeiffer

    Chris Weaver

    Micheller Dougherty

    Judith Oliver

    Forrest Lesch Middleton & Adam Field

    Ned Kahn

    Dave Douglas

    Noa Kageyama

    Nicole Adkins