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Fall 2015 Visiting Artists & Scholars

Rita Moreno, October 5 2015. Nearly 70 year career in show business, she performs concerts across the country and often appears as a guest artist with symphony orchestras. She gives lectures to various organizations and is involved with a number of civic and charitable organizations and events. Jim Balog, September 29. Betsy Damon October 6 through 9, Lone Prairie, October 8. The Road to Broadway with Jenn Colella, October 9. Oskar Espina-Ruiz Clarinet Recital, October 14. Noa Kageyama, October 14 and 15. Latin American Music Festival, October 19-29. Guest Playwright for young audiences, October 20-23. James Dunham, Paul Katz, Pei-shan lee, October 27. Judith Oliver, November 19-21. Juan Erman Gonzalez, Fall 2015. Dr. Lonnie Smith, December 7 2015. Unparalled musician, composer, performer, and recording artist. An authentic guru of the Hammond B-3 organ for more than five decades, he has been featured on more than 70 albums and has recorded and performed with a virtual "who's who" of the greatest jazz, blues, and R&B giants in the industry.