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Photograph of the Kent Concert Hall, with the Curtains ClosedThe Caine College of the Arts, established in 2010, began as the Caine School of the Arts in 2005 and was the creation of then dean of the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, President Stan Albrecht.

The Caine College of the Arts seeks to make the arts more visible, more innovative, and more fully integrated into the intellectual life of Utah State University and the communities it serves. The Caine College of the Arts is a collaborative community, representing the collective strengths and voices of the arts and offers a means for connecting people and programs.

CCA represents the broadest interpretation of "the arts" - art as personal expression, art for art's sake, art as communication, art as an important social and cultural force, art for personal enjoyment, and art as a contribution to what it means to be both an individual and a part of the larger cultures that connect us.